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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please enter to win a Filofax

Shockingly, I've had no only two entries in the Share Your Filofax Memories competition! Don't forget, the top THREE entries from Plannerisms will win a new Filofax, so your chances are very good!

This competition is coming straight from Filofax HQ who would love to know the emotional bonds people have with their Filofax.  This competition is being run simultaneously here on Plannerisms as well as on Philofaxy, Musings of a Caribbean Princess, Imy's World and Filomaniac.

So please share your favorite Filofax memory, whether it's a trip of a lifetime guided by your Filofax, how your Filofax helped you through a particularly special or significant time in your life, or a certain moment when your Filofax was very important to you.

Click here to see how to enter the competition, and click here to read Steve's excellent FAQ about the competition.

This contest is open worldwide.

Hurry, entries close Oct 26th at 23:59 UK time!


  1. I can't afford a Filofax, and never have been able to. So, as much as I love a giveaway, I can't enter. I love your blog, though :)

  2. Hi Katy, you don't have to own a Filofax to enter. You could write about the first time you saw a Filofax, or a friend of yours using one, or going to the Filofax shop, seeing them online etc. You're not left out!


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