Buy Plannerisms Planners

Great news! The 2017 Plannerisms planners are ready to order!

Click here for the ordering page.

You can translate the pages to English by clicking on the little British flag icon at the right of the screen.

Unfortunately we were not able to get them sold through Amazon this year, so the link above is the only place to buy the 2017 Plannerisms planners.

They ship worldwide. US customers should allow at least two weeks for delivery.

You can see the exchange rate from Euros to your currency at or any other currency conversion website.

PLEASE NOTE: I created the original design of the Plannerisms planners, but I do not sell these planners myself. They are published, sold, and distributed by If you have any questions about the ordering process, shipping, prices, customer service or anything else you will need to contact them directly at because I do not handle any of that myself.

For more information on the planners themselves including size/ dimensions, formats etc see this post here.  Disclosure: I do receive a percentage of sales.


  1. Got mine today! x17 make nice folders - lookig forward to using this version of plannerisms

  2. Hi there, are they doing the package again this year? I only see the booklets by themselves listed.
    Thanks! :)

  3. Hi Jill, no they aren't doing the package, so everyone can choose the exact covers, pen loops, placemarkers etc they prefer.

  4. Hi, I used x17 planner through 2016. A couple of days ago I ordered 2017 set.. and it seems they use different paper that is not fountain pen friendly. Almost all inks bleed through and feather :(

    1. Hi PK, thank you for letting me know. I am not aware of them using different paper than they used last year.