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Monday, September 15, 2014

Color-coding: Planned vs Done

Recently I started using specific colors of ink for planning ahead vs recording what I actually did. I write all my plans ahead of time in black pen. Then on the day, the only pen I have in my hand is blue. I check off what I accomplished, and write in emergent tasks (items that weren't planned but come up during the day). It's very interesting at the end of the day to see what I originally intended to do that day (black) and what I ended up actually doing (blue).

Have you done a similar experiment? If you're having trouble getting certain tasks done and aren't sure what you spent your day doing, this is a very valuable exercise. It creates an easy visual of intentions vs actions.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My ongoing debate: day per page diary or notebook/ Bullet Journal?

I know, I know. Why does this bug me so much?

Backstory for those who haven't been following the saga:

For years I struggled to journal. Finally in 2013 I had great success with a dated day per page diary. The dated page prompted me to write SOMETHING every day, or else the page would be wasted. So I got in the habit of capturing details every day. It was grand.

But I struggled a bit with the book. It was heavy in my bag, and sometimes a page per day felt limiting.

About this time last year I busted into a notebook/ Bullet Journal instead, and enjoyed the freedom. But for some reason day per page diaries have a charm that pulls me back. I just like them.

Now that I've been using a notebook/ Bullet Journal for almost a year, I can evaluate the pros and cons of each system. Get ready for some serious geekdom:

Dated Day Per Page Book: 

  • I love the aesthetics of the chunky book. 
  • Superior archiving and easier to find things in one book all year. 
  • Captures a snapshot of my day. Easier to flip through and see one page/ day at a time. 
  • Easier to see trends over the entire year like when flowers bloomed, leaves turned etc. 
  • Edited to add: I like the progression through the book as the progression of the year.
  • I like the content of DPP diaries (maps, conversions, etc). 
  • Having a dated page per day makes me fill in as much as I can about the day, which sometimes causes me to write MORE. I don’t like empty spaces. 
  • Can fill in things on days ahead of time, like what to bring along to places. 
  • Kids can draw pictures and borders on upcoming days for a nice surprise when I arrive at that date.
  • Timed lines help me map out my day better… 

  • …but I tend to become a slave to it, looking at it all day to see what I should be doing at any giving moment. 
  • Content tends to be more businesslike, simple log book with less depth. 
  • Limited to one page per day. Have to make choices about what is worthy of being written on each day’s page. 
  • Heavier book. 
  • No space for lists and non day specific items. 

Plain Notebook/ Bullet Journal: 

  • Can be whatever I need it to be at that moment, even different day to day. 
  • Kids do drawings on the pages without restrictions.
  • More FUN/ in-depth content. 
  • Lighter book. 
  • I get to use several books per year, a new book every 3-4 months which helps satisfy my urge to use new books. 
  • More space to stick things in, although I hardly ever do. 

  • Doesn’t have the content of dated DPP diaries. 
  • Several books each year means relevant lists must be copied over or lost. 
  • Have to dig out old books to look up past information.
  • Harder to find things in pages. 
  • Despite having unlimited space, sometimes I actually write LESS because I don’t feel the pressure to fill the page. 

I like both, for opposite reasons. The structure and content of day per page diaries vs. the freedom of undated notebooks.

So what I'm trying out now is pre-dating two weeks of day-on-two-pages in my notebook/ Bullet Journal. That way I have a good compromise: I can fill things in ahead of time, and having two pages already designated for each day encourages me to write more.

Which do you like better? Dated daily pages (like Hobonichi etc.), or a notebook/ Bullet Journal? Why?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Links Updated

I updated my Links list (see above next to Home). I went through each and every one of the Blogs I Like and was sad to see that many of the blogs I've been following for years are no more. Some were entirely gone, and some hadn't posted in a year or more so I deleted them. There were a few that haven't posted in a long time that I kept because I just couldn't let go of them yet.

What are your favorite stationery blogs?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Late release for 2015 Plannerisms planners

I heard from my publisher today that production is delayed on the 2015 Plannerisms planners. I don't have a release date yet, but was told it will be late in the year. I had hoped they would be out by now so this news is a disappointment to say the least!

There are no academic-year Plannerisms planners, only January-December ones.

As soon as I get any news on a release date I will let you know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Web Finds - 12 August 2014

Whilst Laurie is taking a break, let me just share a few 'web finds' of the planner variety with you.

I come across these whilst my system is looking for Filofax type posts and because they don't have 'rings' normally they would be 'discarded' so lets do the occasional post here with some planner related posts for you.
  1. Using Moleskine booklets in your Midori Traveler's Notebook - My Life All in One Place
  2. Molang Diary...What's in Mine and a GIVEAWAY!!! - MakeUp'N All
  3. The good and bad side of journalling - Journalling your everyday life - Mrs Brimbles
  4. Day on two pages pocket size with DotDex ^^ - My Last Eureka
  5. Monday Miscellany - In love with journals

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Plannerisms summer vacation

Hi everyone, I'm taking the rest of the summer off from Plannerisms while my kids are out of school.

Have a great summer!

Monday, July 14, 2014

WeekDate 2015 Academic planners

The WeekDate 2014-2015 Academic planners are now shipping!

Huge thanks to WeekDate for sending me this planner to review! I LOVE the color. This cover style is called "Rise And Shine" and is in Radiant Orchid, which is the Pantone Color of the Year. Gorgeous!!

There are several other cover styles and colors to choose from including black "No App For That," peach with white dots "Pop Up" and turquoise and white "What Goes Around." You can see all the cover styles on their ordering page (click here).

The planners have a sturdy coil binding, and a clear plastic cover front and back to keep your planner protected all year. The book measures 8 1/2 inches tall and almost 6 1/2 inches wide (including the spiral binding). It is super slim and extremely light (only 180 g/ 6.4 ounces!) so it can easily go everywhere with you in your bag.

The WeekDate Academic planners have a unique format which allows you to write recurring events only once, and still be able to see them every week. Then if a scheduled event changes, you change it once and you're done! No rewriting, ever! You can see exactly how it works in their excellent video here.

This planner starts the first of August 2014 and goes all the way through September 6, 2015. This academic-year format is great for students, or parents of kids in school so you can plan the entire school year in one book.

Below you can see the WeekDate Academic planner open. The weekly layout has all seven days as full size vertical columns, with a column for lists and notes. Below the weekly pages is the area where you write recurring events. When you turn the weekly pages, the area below stays visible all the time. You can write class and afterschool schedules, carpool, work meetings, household routines, and anything else you don't want to forget every week.
To the far right is a fold-out area for permanent information for quick reference. Or you can put sticky notes here for your task lists and any other temporary information you need to keep visible.

This flap folds in to mark your current week. It has a handy calendar for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Below is a closer look at the weekly format. US holidays are printed on the day spaces. You write your recurring events in the spaces below, then each day you look up and down the column to see everything you need to do each day. Genius!

In the back of the book are monthly calendars for August 2014 through September 2015, with US holidays printed in the day spaces.

Also in the back of the book is a reference calendar for all of 2014:

And a reference calendar for all of 2015:

There are also several pages for notes.

This hugely convenient format simplifies the whole scheduling situation. No more double-booking weeks ahead because you haven't recopied all your weekly events that far in the future yet. No more changing events week after week because a time or day changed. You write everything once, and you're done!

WeekDate also makes January-December planners (in a slightly different format), dry-erase wall planners, and more, click here to see their entire product selection. You can see more at www.WeekDate.com.

Thanks again to WeekDate for giving me the opportunity to review this awesome planner!