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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Plannerisms mentioned in Wall Street Journal!

Recently I received an email from a reader letting me know Plannerisms was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal! The article is called Paper Planners In The Digital Age by Lane Florsheim. You can see the article here.

I was very surprised and flattered to be mentioned, along with Philofaxy which is run by my friend Steve and to which I also contribute.

I don't post very often on Plannerisms these days, because I post four days per week on QuoVadisBlog.com and the first four Fridays of each month on RhodiaDrive.com. So please be sure to take a look a those blogs for lots more articles on time management, journaling, bullet journaling, planners, etc!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Moleskine spring 2018 catalog with 2019 planners!

This might be the latest in the year I've been able to find the Moleskine spring catalog online! Here is the Spring 2018 catalog with their 2019 planners:


I like the new cover colors, especially the soft pink and blue.

And how excited am I about the Harry Potter planners!!!!!

Limited Edition notebooks are Barbie, Pokemon, Monopoly, Dr Seuss, and Transformers.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Agendio 2018 planner with new features!

I posted recently that Agendio.com has a new updated website. Well I'm very happy to announce they also have new planner features! Actually they come out with new features all the time, which is very exciting. In fact just a few days ago they started making customized notebooks with a huge selection of page templates that you customize to your needs. So I was very excited to check out their new features and add some to my new planner. I'll walk you through the book.

Here is the cover. I got to choose the design, color, and add personalization. I also chose the elastic closure strap with the gorgeous celtic knot design! I love it!

The first page shows the model numbers of the weekly and monthly layouts I chose, in case you want to recreate a similar planner yourself. (Models 32098 and 32134) I chose the Medium size.

You can choose any month to start your planner. I chose to start my planner in December so I could start using it right away. The first two-page spread has reference calendars for the current year and the next year.

Below you can see my week spread. I apologize for the poor quality of my photos! It's really hard to get good light this time of year. In real life the paper is bright white and the print and colors are very clear.

I chose timed vertical daily columns, and I was able to choose the start and end times, timed to the hour or half hour. I chose a different color for each month too.

Below you can see the titles for my weekly dashboard. This space is completely customizable. You can divide it however you like, choose narrow or wider lines, and add your own titles. I have spaces for Notes, @ (at the computer), AFK (Away From Keyboard things to do), Home chores, Errands, and Work. Because I work from home, my days are a mix of billable work, home chores, family activities, and other responsibilities. I like to see everything I have going on in the week all in one view so I can figure out how to fit it all in.

Also in the photo above you can see how I added activities like printing the school menu for the week every Sunday evening, submitting invoices on the first of each month, checking smoke alarm batteries each Saturday, etc. You can also choose whichever holidays you like (any countries and any religions) so those are printed on the days too.

You can have your weeks and months start on any day, and on different days if you want. So for example you can have your months start on Sundays and weeks start on Mondays. Or if you work shifts, you can start your weeks with Wednesday or whatever day. I chose to start my weeks and months with Monday because school and work weeks start on Monday and I like to see my weekend days together.

 Below you can see I chose the traditional month grid planning pages. There are other formats to choose from for your monthlies. The area at the far right of the page is customizable. I kept it simple with open blocks but you can do lined, with titles, checkboxes, etc if you like.

I chose to put my monthly calendars at the front of the planner. You can also choose to have them embedded in the weeks, or at the end of the planner.

Here are some features I added on:

Between each month I added pages to track goals and evaluate my month. These pages are from their new Personal-Year planners. You can start your Personal-Year planner any day of the year, for example on your birthday, and track your progress all year.

There are loads of pages to chose from to add to your Personal Year planner, and these pages are of course all customizable to fit your needs. Here are the pages I chose, they are after every month:

On the left page I track my personal goals with the categories of events, exercise, personal reading, family fun, home, and a blank one to adapt as I need. Across the top the headings of the columns are Goals, Actual, and Difference so I can set my goals and effectively evaluate if I'm reaching them.

The right page is for my work goals for the month. The titles are Focus, Products to Promote, Blog Focus, Instagram, Posts To Do, and some blank space. This gets me to start each month with a clear work plan that I can refer to all month long.

Here are some other add-ons I chose: Tabbed dividers for the months and my two additional sections for the future year and several pages for notes. I also chose tear-off corners to mark my current week.

In my future year section I have Future Month pages so I can plan into the next year. These are found in the Extra Pages section on the website.

Other Extra Pages you can choose include Flex Tables where you can adjust the column widths and the headers, Budget pages with your own categories, habit trackers, meal planning pages, contacts, dot grid or lined pages, and loads more!

A new feature they just added very recently is you can have up to four pages after each week or after each month, or split two pages after each week and after each month. So for example you can have weekly meal planning pages, weekly habit trackers, lists and notes, and monthly goals trackers, budget pages, etc. all in your planner organized by week/ month.

These features are available in bound planners or in inserts for Filofax/ Franklin Planners/ Daytimer or unpunched looseleaf to punch yourself for ring or disc bound systems.

I also chose a back pocket for my planner to have a place to store papers.

I've seen lots of other customizable planner websites before, but Agendio has the most options by far. There are loads of planner templates to choose from in all kinds of layouts and sizes, with endless add-ons that you can customize exactly to your needs. I recommend Agendio to people all the time!

Agendio has a referral program that works like this:

If you have never registered with Agendio before, please click through this link to see the information on the planner I made and register at Agendio. Then if you order a planner from Agendio, I will receive a discount on my next planner (which I will inevitably order, because customizing my own planner is very addictive!). It doesn't cost you anything at all, and I will get a discount on my next planner. Thank you!!!

Many thanks to Agendio for allowing me to create this planner for free as a sample to review!