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Thursday, October 27, 2016

2017 Plannerisms planners still in stock!

There are still some 2017 Plannerisms planners available to order! A limited supply were printed this year, and when they are gone they are gone so if you are thinking of getting a Plannerisms this year, act fast!

The Plannerisms planners come in a set of booklets designed to be used in a traveler's notebook style cover. You can purchase a cover from the website, or use a cover of your choice.

Click here for the ordering page.

You can translate the pages to English by clicking on the little British flag icon at the right of the screen.

The Plannerisms planners are designed to help you set and track your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. There are spaces for monthly reviews, semi-annual and annual reviews. There are weekly pages with space to write your daily goals and weekly tasks. There are month on two pages calendars to help you see the big picture.

For more information on the Plannerisms planners including size/ dimensions and lots of photos see this post here.

I have put together a tutorial on how to use your Plannerisms planner, which you can see here.

The Plannerisms planners are very flexible and can be used in any way you need. They are great for work, school, home, personal, social, or (as most people use them) all of the above! The Plannerisms planners keep your goals visible and help you work your goal tasks into your daily schedule.

Unfortunately we were not able to get the planners sold through Amazon this year, so this website is the only place to buy the 2017 Plannerisms planners. You can also choose your cover, pen loop color, ribbon placemarkers, additional booklets, pockets, etc.

They ship worldwide. US customers should allow at least two weeks for delivery.

You can see the exchange rate from Euros to your currency at XE.com or any other currency conversion website.

PLEASE NOTE: I created the original design of the Plannerisms planners, but I do not sell these planners myself. They are published, sold, and distributed by X17.de. If you have any questions about the ordering process, shipping, prices, customer service or anything else you will need to contact them directly at X17.de because I do not handle any of that myself.

Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy your Plannerisms planner!