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Thursday, November 26, 2009

There Can Be Only One

Did you ever see the movie Highlander? If not, you should. Basic plot: immortals roam the earth killing other immortals (which can only be accomplished by chopping off their heads) until there is only one left. The last one wins The Prize, which consists of understanding all the secrets of the universe. The main character is Connor MacLeod ("of the clan MacLeod"), aka Highlander. The immortals' tagline is, "There can be only one!!"

My wise younger sister pointed out that my search for my Perfect Planner is very similar to Highlander. There can, indeed, be only one. It takes a lot of searching and picking off other planners one by one until The One is found. My sis said that once I find The One, I should somehow get a photo of it chopping off the heads of the failed planners and make my own movie poster. Now that would be something to see.

So it comes down to these two: the Moleskine large 18 month weekly notebook, or the Quo Vadis Minister Equology.

These both have certain features that I have determined are crucial for my planner:

1) A weekly view.

2) Space on the weekly spread for lists and notes.

3) A calendar with the months as columns.

4) A portable size book (absolutely crucial) but the page size is still large enough for all my writing.

As you can see from my 13 Planners post, it took me a lot of searching to narrow down to these two!

How ironic would it be if The One turns out to be my Mole that I have been using, straying from, and returning to for most of this year? If Mole turns out to be The One, I think I will have to name it Neo as in the Matrix movies. Neo was chosen by Morpheus as The One, although everyone, including Neo himself, was dubious. In the end it turned out that Morpheus was right, and Neo was The One all along. Which, in this analogy, would make my sister Morpheus. Although her appearance is about as opposite of Morpheus's as you can get, I can totally picture her kicking someone's ass Matrix-style.


  1. Not to spoil your fun, but... have you tried the Rhodia Planners?
    They look similar to the mole, one week on one oage, notes on the other, but I noticed that the space for the weekend isn't as small as the mole, it has actually the same space for saturday and sunday as the other days. I think you should check it out. I'm thinking of trying one out myself...
    Here's the link to their website:

  2. Hi Oni! Thanks for your suggestion, I have actually seen (online) the Rhodia planners and they do look cool but I can't look at that grid pattern all the time. I tell you what is very similar to the Rhodia, has all the great features I like of the Minister and Mole combined, but ALSO has month calendars, is the Quo Vadis Space 24:


    This one would definitely be a contender, but I just can't justify buying another planner right now. But it's still on my radar screen, so there's always a possibility that I'll decide I MUST try it!!

    Not living anywhere near a planner store is a big problem for me, because I have to hold a planner in my hands to see if I like it and if it might work for me. But the only way for me to do that is to order it, which gets expensive!


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