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Thursday, January 14, 2010

When is a planner not a planner?

I am getting to know my new Journal 21, which was very generously sent to me by Karen at Exaclair (many thanks Karen!) and which I will be posting a review of here on Plannerisms in the near future. Above is a photo of it, in its gorgeous lilac Club cover, with my phone just for fun. Don't they look great together?

Every year I use a day-per-page diary in addition to my weekly planner for a variety of uses: overflow on those really busy days when I have a lot going on; as a "brain dump" when I have so many things swirling around in my head that I need to get them all down on paper; as a landing place for jotting phone messages, notes and ideas that would otherwise get written on some random piece of paper and promptly lost. When I write these things onto a dated page in a bound book, they are so much easier for me to find again later.

A dated day-per-page book can have so many more uses beyond the usual scheduling appointments and listing to-dos. Here are some alternate uses I thought of:

  • daily journal
  • gratitude journal
  • dreams journal
  • recording cute things your kids did/ said (I do this, and it's so much fun to look back and remember)
  • noting daily weather (I do this in my daily journal)
  • phone log/ messages record
  • lesson planning
  • medications record
  • exercise/ training regimen record
  • food diary
  • menu planning
  • ideas record (interesting to see how they develop over time)
  • blog ideas (guess where I wrote the draft for this post? My Journal 21!)
  • garden planner/record
  • daily record of expenses/ budgeting tool
  • sales record
  • tracking finances and/or investments
  • record of communications with clients
  • work record (DianeB's excellent idea)
  • meeting notes
  • quotes/ motivational statements
  • sketch of the day
Can you think of any more?


  1. Wow, those are some great ideas for using a day-per-page planner. I've actually been using a day-per-page planner for the first time this year. I've mostly been using it for my to-do list and to keep track of things that I want to buy. I leave the planner open on my desk all of the time, and whenever I think of something that I should do or that I should buy (like a new pen :), I jot it down. Every morning, I transfer the list over to the next day, minus the things that I actually accomplished the previous day.

  2. Hi! I am curious about the system utilized by the pastor as a study tool. I am just finishing my first semester of graduate school and am searching for organizing methods for next year. I clicked on it and the page was not found. Is that link somewhere else in your blogs?

  3. Hi, sorry I don't know what happened to the pastor's blog, it doesn't seem to be active anymore. I'll remove the link. Thanks for letting me know!


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