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Friday, August 20, 2010

Back online!

I'm all moved into my new house in Scotland, and my internet connection is up and running!  It feels good to be connected to the outside world again!

We are absolutely loving our new place.  We are very busy with settling-in stuff, setting up our bank accounts and things like that.

Our belongings will arrive in stages.  So far all we have is what we brought with us in our luggage, which is pretty easy to deal with.  In a week or two, our air shipment will arrive.  I expected this shipment to have already been here by now but just found out today it's taking longer than expected, which is annoying. 

Then next month sometime, the rest of our stuff will arrive and the REAL unpacking and putting away will begin.

In the meantime, there's lots of fun to come on Plannerisms!  I'll post reviews of my 2011 WeekDate planner (which was ALREADY waiting for me when I arrived last Friday, that is SUPER fast international shipping!), the new Daycraft products (whenever they arrive with the rest of my air freight), and a cool new notebook generously sent to me by The Paperie. And, I will give you all of the glorious details about the planner that saved my sanity during this move.  So stay tuned!


  1. Great to have you back Laurie. Settling in...hmmm sounds familiar!!

    Have a great weekend up in Scotland.. Fish supper tonight then...

  2. Laurie!
    I'm really happy you're settling in easily, and even happier to have you as a neighbour!
    I truly hope Scotland will treat you guys nicely and that you'll want to stay longer.
    big hug!!

  3. Thanks Steve and Oni! Everything is going very well for all of us. We love our Scotland home!!


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