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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reader Needs Help: Have You Seen This Planner?

Reader Claire emailed me to ask if I have ever found a particular format of planner:

"I'm looking for an A5 weekly planner - as per
the Moleskine and new recycled planners you've been discussing online, but
instead of a lined notes page, what I'd really like is a plain page, do you
know of such a planner? Also, in an ideal world, I'd like a monthly section
at the front (one page with month laid out in squares) for each month.
Many thanks for any thoughts."

The only planners I've found with the week + notes layout she's looking for have lined notes pages opposite the weekly page (or even grid pages as in the Rhodia weekly planners). I agree a blank, instead of lined, page would be very nice. And I second the monthly planning section! Why don't ALL planners have those??

Does anyone have any recommendations for Claire? Thank you!


  1. (I'll try a comment - hopefully it works!)

    The blank pages are a great idea! I wouldn't mind that myself. But, sadly have not seen a planner like that yet. Yesterday I was able to browse the new calendar section setup by our local bookseller - they have all types / brands and it was very fun to see what is out. I saw the Quo Vadis that Laurie has reviewed, including the daily diary version. Also, the Rhodia with the graph pages and all the variety of sizes / types of moleskines. And, they had a very large display of planners from Paperblanks - not sure if this is a new product for them, as I had not seen them before, but they are beautiful and were VERY tempting. (maybe you can review them Laurie?) They did have many of the photo, fun type of planners as well (Procrastinator's planner anyone?).

    I went because I was inspired by the post on a "daily record" so looked at all the daily one-page-per-day types...in the end I picked out a moleskine journal to start with. Since I'm just starting this, I'd like to be in habit before spending on a nicer daily calendar / journal.

  2. Hi Karensa,

    Your comment posted! Hooray! Let's hope mine does too.

    Your local bookseller's selection of planners sounds excellent!! I wish I lived near a bookshop with such a wide variety of brands. (Then again, it's better for my budget that I don't!)

    I've never used a Paperblanks planner before but I have seen them in the stores, they are gorgeous. If Paperblanks would like to send me one I'd be more than happy to review it! :)

    Good luck with your new journaling habit, let us know how it goes!

  3. To Reader Claire:
    After looking around at a few stores at planners (checking all of them for 2011), I did find one that may be closest to what you are asking for, although not sure it is "A5" size (I'm not totally familiar with that size.)
    It is a very beautiful planner called "Our Country Diary for 2011" by Michael Design Works. It is not one I would be able to use for work and it definitely won't fit in my purse but it is very beautiful and has lots of space to write (it was very hard to not pick it up!)
    I didn't check the monthly pages but the weekly pages are laid out such that the days are listed on the left with lined sections and then the page on the right has 7 blank sections that correspond to the days - the right page is not totally blank due to the lines but it looked closest to what you are looking for.
    Here is a web link for it I found where you can somewhat see the layout of the right-hand pages -> http://ourcountrydiary.com/

  4. Karensa thank you for your comment and the link, that is a beautiful planner! I like the appointments on the left page and notes for each day on the right.


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