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Friday, August 5, 2011

Diary do-over

Back in November when I was filling in my 2011 planners, I thought this year was going to be vastly different from how it has turned out.

Back then I filled in all the school holidays and events until the end of the school year in July. I wrote in all my kids' dance and sports practices every week until summer. I wrote in local holidays we would be observing. I like to write everything into my planner that's coming up so it's already there when I need it.

Problem is, after March none of those things took place, for us anyway. Then I had all of these now-irrelevant things written into my planners.

I switch around planners so often it turned out to be a non-issue in my bound planners, luckily, because it would have been an annoying mess to white-out all of those entries.

In my Medical Filofax that I take everywhere with me, I use the month on two page calendars to record when any of us have a doctor's visit (which has been a weekly occurrence this summer), track my weight, and any significant events as a long-term record.

But my April-July pages had numerous now-irrelevant entries taking up space in the small day spaces. Rather than white-out the pages, I simply replaced them.

One of the many joys of Filofax is the ability to remove and/ or replace pages. I ordered up a new 2011 Month on Two Pages insert and replaced the relevant pages.

What do you do when plans vastly change? Do you replace diary pages in your Filofax? Do you white out or scratch out entries in your pages? Or do you buy an entirely new planner?


  1. I now use a Pilot Frixion pen in my Filofax so alterations are very easy to do. Previously I used pencil, but that wasn't so easy to read after a while and also the paper would get damaged if you altered something.

    Have you tried the Frixion's yet?

  2. I use white blank labels (custom-cut myself) or paper and glue to cover up any such rare unforeseen events. No way I'd buy a new planner.

    If an event or appointment is months away and/or tentative, I write it in pencil. Erasing does not change the paper in my QV Equology President.

  3. Steve, I haven't tried the Frixions and I don't think I will--they aren't permanent enough for me. I like to use archival pens and I don't want the ink disappearing with temperature or over time.

    Christine I saw your comment on another post that QV may be discontinuing the Equology line of planners, which is a total shame because I love the paper! Too bad there's not enough demand.

  4. As I've meandered through the year so far and finally got to my two-days-per-page format in Filo, I have accumulated enough alternate formats that I would be able to switch back to a previously used version, if my work/personal circumstances warranted it. That's what I love about the ring bound system - the flexibility! With my bound versions, I was constantly switching books.

  5. Laurie -I use the Frixion as well. I guess you could (depending on planner size) just print out the relevant pages from the Philofaxy diary files and replace them, or as you have done get a new diary and just replace the messed up pages. If you want to keep your planner/diary for a long time this seems like the best plan. Tippex just makes a mess and is hard to write over, but would be OK for the odd change.


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