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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Poll result: How important is acid-free paper in your planner or notebook?

Here are the results, of 57 votes:
I'll only buy a planner or notebook if the paper is acid-free
  12 (21%)
It's an added bonus if the paper is acid-free but not a dealbreaker if it's not
  28 (49%)
It doesn't matter at all to me if the paper is acid-free or not
  17 (29%

To be honest I was expecting more people to say that acid-free/ archival paper is important to them.  After all, the paper planner and notebook crowd is more likely to value long-term archiving than the electronic crowd, or so I assumed.

But it turns out, it doesn't matter! A friend of mine in the planner business told me after I started this poll that acid-free paper is an industry standard these days, and 99% of paper is acid-free whether the company advertises it as such or not. Even the notebooks you buy at the grocery store most likely have acid-free paper.

This is great news to me! I'm in the group of people who will only buy a planner or notebook if the paper is acid-free. Now that it's a non-issue, this opens up all kinds of great planner and notebook options for me!  I can use whatever I like without worrying about my writing fading over time.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this poll!


  1. And thanks for that info about the industry standard! That makes me breathe easier about all kinds of paper I use!


  2. I must confess that I never thought about acid-free paper. I have been writing journals since I was about 10 years old. Most of them were cheap notebooks, and I wrote with biro or pencil or fountain pen. They are all - without exception - 100% intact and readable. Nothing has vanished or bleached out, it's just as if I wrote it yesterday.

    As for my planner: I simply use Frixion pens. I love that I can erase and rewrite entries and todo's and I see no necessity in conserving all these daily notes for generations to come. I keep planners for the last 7 years, because I'm obliged to do so by tax law (I'm self-employed), but after those 7 years the inserts get tossed.
    I do keep my journals - however! (and hopefully DH will never try to put them in the trash again ... ;-))

  3. I love using good old Mead composition books after a year or so the pages are greasy and the ink has faded so I have been looking for better paper lately.

  4. OOPS! I totally forgot to vote. I'm probably in the second group of your poll.

    I never used to care about the paper quality AT ALL until a couple yrs ago when I started using a daily planner & notebooking regularly. Now I'm more aware, but I still use my old cheapo notebooks I have lying around. I've also taken up drawing so will only buy good sketchbooks from now on for that.

    I recently bought 2 spiral notebooks at a thrift store but didn't worry b/c the maker was Clairefontaine. I just checked the labels & they don't say "acid free", just "made in France".


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