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Monday, April 16, 2012

New poll: What size planner do you use?

Next up in my series of polls: what size planner do you use as your main, day to day planner? Please vote over there in the sidebar.


Bound-book folks, please choose the size that is closest to the size of book you use.

Filofax folks, please choose your page size as close as you can:

Pocket and Mini would both fall under Pocket

Personal = Medium (kind of an average between the size of the page and the size of the book)

A5 is A5 

A4 is Full Size.

I'm very curious to see the results of this poll!  In this day and age of technology on the go and working from anywhere, do people want their planner to be as small and portable as possible? Or do larger planners still have a following?

Thanks for voting!


  1. I'm moving more in the direction of A5 these days. Although I still also use personal as well. Just got a new bag and I can carry the A5 in it easily now.. in fact the bag will take two A5 Filofax organisers!


  2. Tried to use Personal but A5 still hits the organizational sweet spot for me.

  3. I'm a personal size girl. Although I use it to organize my writing and not as a day to day organizer. I don't have enough daily appointments to worry about that. A simple calendar covers me.

  4. I love A5--but in a bound book--it's really the "perfect" size for me. Altho-my daily is a pocket-go figure!

  5. Back to pocket for me too for the ultimate portability in a working mum's handbag.A5 only for work. Various attempts for the "one life one planner" failed.

  6. Just ordered A5 week on a page with notes. This is what I was using with my Molskine and it seemed to work but I miss my leather Finchley. I'm actually excited. next year I am going to try printing my pages using Steve's forms. Just haven't got a punch yet.

  7. I'm loving my A5 Malden as I rarely take my filo out with me, & use Google calendar on my iPod touch.


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