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Monday, February 18, 2013

Time Traveler 2013 day per page planner

Here is the Time Traveler 2013 day per page planner in Firenze Red that I hope will solve my day per page dilemma! I've been going back and forth for months on which day per page planner to use, and I really hope this will be The One. I've used and loved Time Traveler day per page planners in the past so I have high hopes for this one!

This planner is approximately A5 size, nearly 6 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall closed. It's nearly an inch wider than my large Moleskine day per page planner:

I love the wider pages, that extra almost-inch on each page makes a huge difference in writing space!

It has a full page for every day, even Saturday and Sunday (which is very important to me).

Times are printed down the side from 8 am to 7 pm with lines for the half hours too. Below 7 pm are several lines for scheduling later in the evening or notes. Holidays are printed on the day pages. At the bottom of the page are month calendars for the entire year with the current month highlighted.
There are also month per page calendars, which are so hard to find in day per page books!
**Update: I'm using these daily spaces in the monthly calendars as a reference of events similar to how Patty uses her Franklin Covey Index Pages.

Holidays for the US and Canada are printed on the days.
 The cover is so soft and flexible! I love to touch it.
I tried to get a shot of the texture of the cover. It's very soft and feels really nice in my hands. I'm very tactile so this is very important to me!
There are TONS of features in this planner. Here are just some:

Planning calendars and holidays for the current year and next two years:
 International holidays, weights and measurements:
I really like this page: birthdays and anniversaries. I'll write birthdays and gift ideas on the lines. My daughter is interested in the signs of the zodiac and is always asking me which signs are for which birthdates, and I never remember. Luckily now I have this information in my book!
 I really like this page too. I'll write my kids' sizes so when I'm out and about and see something on sale I'll know I'm getting the right size!
There are also pages with international dialing codes, US area codes, websites and toll-free numbers.

 At the back of the book there is a Forward Planner for all of next year:

Directory pages are bound into the book:
There are a few Notes pages:
Then come the maps! As we all know, I love maps in planners, and Time Traveler planners have some of the best maps. Here is their very accurate Time Zones map, which even shows Nepal is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT. Most time zone maps don't show this level of detail!
 Gorgeous world map!
 US map:
 And there are maps of every continent!
 Look at this Europe map!
 There's even a map of the North and South Poles! And that's just some of the maps.

Here is the back of the planner, with Time Traveler subtly embossed on the back. I love the red color, which is a little lighter in my photos than in real life, and the stitching. It's colorful yet subtle, and professional looking.

I love the smooth, white paper. I don't have fountain pens, but I did a pen test with my wettest inks. I was especially concerned about the Uni-ball Signo RT, which is usually a problem child on paper because it's so wet.
On extreme closeup, the only ink that had any feathering at all is the Sakura, and even that is not very noticeable.
The show-through to the back is not obnoxious at all (much better than my Moleskine planner) with absolutely no bleed-through, and the ball point pen is hardly visible through the paper at all.
**Edited to add: I have confirmation from the company that their paper is acid-free and FSC certified. Wonderful!!!

**Update: the only thing this planner didn't have that I wished it did was a back pocket. But I fixed that! I trimmed a Planner Pad Insta-Pocket to fit and stuck it inside the back cover.
 Shazam! Now I have a place to tuck papers!  My planner joy is now complete!

In my post on how I use my weekly and daily planners together I talked about why I wanted to move from my Franklin Covey binder into this day per page planner. This book gives me an equivalent amount of space each day as my Franklin Covey two pages per day inserts but in a much slimmer and lighter book than my Franklin Covey binder. It also has the advantages of permanently bound pages and having the entire year in one book.

Time Traveler planners come in weekly and daily formats with all these excellent features. You can see their selection at the Time Traveler website (www.timetravelerusa.com) and can purchase directly from them. I bought this planner at Amazon UK but I had to search 2013 Firenze because it didn't come up under Time Traveler. You can also buy Time Traveler planners at Amazon.com and at Calendars.com (which ships worldwide).

I highly recommend these planners! (Disclosure: I am not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer!)


  1. Great post. I will look out for the 2014 planner at Amazon UK.

  2. I hope this planner design works for you in 2013 as well as it did in your earlier experience. I love the color and am surprised by the monthly pages and excellent maps. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Christine! I have to admit part of why I love it is because it reminds me of the one I used before and loved so much. This one is a bigger version!

      I'm really loving the way the book feels in my hands with the soft cover and smooth paper. It's been going everywhere with me (even on my forest walks!) and I have no complaints with the weight in my bag.


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