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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

reecovid kickstarter and DIY custom inserts

reecovid is relaunching their product range, with exciting new products in the works including DIY custom inserts! Read on!

You might remember my review of the reecovid notebook from a few years back (and if you don't, you can click here to read it).  reecovid products are free from animal products, including animal glue, and are made from recycled materials. 

In addition to their current range of notebooks, there are also plans for faux-suede microfiber covers in a variety of colors, and DIY printable inserts!

Click here to read the reecovid kickstarter page.

Here's how the reecovid DIY inserts will be different from other currently available downloads:

Ours will be on more of a commercial / professional level, but with less manual labour involved for the people (let’s call them users) creating them.
  • Firstly we're planning on providing cloud based editable (personalised) templates only, so there's no need to download and save files to your desktop. We’ll offer these at a small fee and offer some static ones for free.
  • Because it's cloud based, it means it can be accessed from anywhere online.
  • The software (or application) will be user friendly / intuitive and by creating an account on the website, users will be able to log in and see their existing files, so all that's required is to either tweak their previous design, or generate a new one.
  • Users will be able to design the front pages and the software will automatically duplicate the following pages.
  • They’ll be able to easily drag and drop boxes around on the screen to where they want certain items to be, or edit or delete items instead.
  • Once finished, the software will create a .pdf file for printing.
  • We'll then provide a range of recycled paper (already pre-cut and hole punched) for reecovid binders and eventually other brands like Filofax and Franklin Covey etc.
  • Ideally we'd like to tailor the templates to certain sectors and customise designs accordingly.
  • Users will be able to suggest designs and the more popular ones can be voted on via the forum for future consideration.
If the software is successful, we'll look to partner with retailers who offer an onsite plan and print service and they could stock the 'blank' pre-cut paper and then fulfill the print as well (if required).

I think the DIY inserts sound really cool and I'm excited about this relaunch! Please check out the website here and if you have any questions please direct them to the Ask A Question button at the bottom of the reecovid website.

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