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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MiracleBind by Blueline from Filofax

This giveaway is now closed. See the post on May 12 to see who won!

Filofax UK recently started to sell MiracleBind by Blueline notebooks in A4 and A5 sizes.

The notebooks lay flat and come in two forms. The MiracleBind range with their removable and reposition able pages and the NotePro which is a refillable notebook.

Both ranges use a common system of cover and rings and with a clever design the covers perfectly flat and can be also be folded back on themselves too.

The covers come in red and black. There is also an A4 punch so you can create your own pages and they will attach to the ring system.

You can see how they are put together in this video by Blueline

Visit the Filofax Website to order from the full range of MiracleBind and NotePro notebooks.

Plannerisms in association with Philofaxy also have some MiracleBind and NotePro notebooks to give away.... yes you can get one to try out.

We want you to comment on this post about:
  • How you will use your MiracleBind or NotePro notebook. 
  • Which size would work best for you in either range and why.
  • Like either the Plannerisms or Philofaxy Facebook pages.  
We will pick out the winners and list the winners next week and get you to contact us with your mailing address etc.

Judges decision is final, no cash alternatives will be offered, closing date for entries Sunday 11 May 2014 etc etc.

Thank you to Filofax for supplying the Blueline samples.


  1. I would use this for Project Support material, which never fits very successfully in my personal size Filofaxes. I would love to win one in the A5 size! Just "liked" the Plannerisms Facebook page - glad to discover it!

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  3. 2nd attempt to get this right....I would use the A5 size as it's easier to carry around as I am doing an online/classroom course in the autumn .. I will be doing ATT because when I grow up I would like to be a Tax consultant... finally

  4. I would use the A5 size for summer planning!

  5. I would use the A5 as a household/family binder. We have some longer-term things on the go where it makes more sense for both adults to be able to access it regularly, so it doesn't make sense for me to keep it in my Filofax (which is where it all currently is). Stuff from possibly planning an overseas trip in the Autumn, to chasing up schools for the autumn, to a log of what we've done when in the garden. We could dedicate pages to ideas for the kids' birthdays/Christmas, and move them about to make sure they're grouped together. I would definitely get the hole punch too, so that we could add in flyers, receipts, etc, etc, as needed.

    A5 is better because I'd prefer to have each 'project' on a separate page, but if there's only 3 lines I'll be cross about 'wasting' an A4 page!

    (I'd love to use an A4 for work but for archiving/recording purposes we have to use bound notebooks.)

  6. I'd like to see how this planner works for me. Always looking for THE planner. I think I would try A5.

  7. I am a writer, so I am constantly jotting down notes or organizing projects. I love binding systems that let me easily move pages around. The A4 size would be great for notes. The A5 is the perfect size for a planner to keep track of deadlines.

  8. I am a student and still looking for just the right thing - one that has plenty of room for assignments and class schedules, but isn't too structured and doesn't weigh a ton in my backpack (the reason I am moving away from a binder with rings). Being able to move the pages around and add more is definitely a big plus!I definitely like the A5 size. I am already part of both Facebook pages :)

  9. This is perfect for my Bullet Journal!!! Up until now I have drawn my own 15 months work of calendars in the front of a grid moleskine and used the rest for various lists and daily bullet tasks. I love the bullet journal system but have been frustrated like many over the lack of a calendar and I searched high and low for a book that has simply a year's work of monthly calendars (that is all I need..the monthlies for the whole year, two pages per month) then a bunch of blank pages (preferably grid but lined would do) to use as bullet. This system is it!!!!!! I love the portability of the A5. I liked both Facebook pages. I am a longtime reader..this is my first post! Was so happy to find other like-minded people in this world obsessed with the perfect notebook...I had always thought I was alone!

  10. I was looking for a better system and stopped in my tracks when I saw Miraclebind on Plannerisms blog.
    I'm a Pastor in Scotland and regularly prepare funerals and weddings with local families. Miraclebind promises to let me take notes in a convenient A5 size and keep them secure and presentable.
    Best of all I'll be able to use the Hole-punch accessory to create custom pages to keep track of special details and to keep a script in the same Miraclebind Notebook. One less book to carry one less anxiety to distract me.
    The possibility to creating custom pages for Church meetings, School assemblies and other records is very attractive. Can't wait to get my hands on one, thanks for telling me about it Plannerisms (liked you on Facebook)

  11. I have these in 2 sizes and MANY different colors. I love them. I took my deep pink breast cancer MB to a meeting this week. One of the things that makes these so practical is that the cover folds back on itself, which comes in real handy at a crowded table while taking notes. I have one that I use for notes while watching youtube videos. Living in Bangor ME USA

  12. Due to my memory problems, a notebook is an essential item for me. I am constantly looking for the ideal travelling companion and A5 size is exactly right, fitting into my bag perfectly. Maybe this could be an end to my quest??

  13. Oh my..This planner is so versatile. I would prefer the A5 size because it can easily fit in my tote bags that I use for work. I would use it for my work notes. I work on multiple projects at a time and would love all the notes taken over the lifetime of the projects to be grouped by project.

    1. Hi YBD, sorry but your entry was after the giveaway had closed (and after the winners had already been determined), please see May 12th's post to see who won.

  14. This giveaway is closed. Please see the post on May 12 to see who won!

  15. 2+ years later, I just popped in to say I'm craving one of these MiracleBind notebooks and a punch. If I get it, I'll drop by to tell you my thoughts.


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