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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Philofaxy Glasgow Meetup!

Last weekend I was thrilled to be able to go to the Philofaxy meetup in Glasgow! After a gorgeous train ride, Steve met me at the station and we had a bit of a walk around Buchanan Street. Wow, now I know what everyone's talking about! Shopping paradise. Steve and I caught up over a cup of coffee before making our way to the restaurant.

We chatted at length over binders and beverages. You can see my personal Kendal there in the foreground.

Danni, Chantelle and Mhari!

Bev, Margaret and Steve.

Comparing Van der Spek vs Gillio binders!

Here's the lineup. My contributions were my red Filofax Finchley tote at the back, my pink Filofax Finsbury wallet at the front, and my personal Kendal somewhere in the middle there (between Mhari's personal Raspberry Finsbury and Steve's Journey). There were a lot of Gillio binders, a few Van der Speks, lots of Filofaxes of course, a Franklin Covey or two and even a Faux-dori. Behind the row you can see Steve's Filofax man-bag and a Miracle Bind notebook too. Excellent lineup!
After lunch we went back to Buchanan street where we visited the largest Paperchase store I've ever seen! They had a few Filofax binders and inserts, and a gorgeous selection of satchels. Apparently the stationery theme this season is nautical, which I like.

Then we went to John Lewis, with a very tiny selection. So on we went to The Pen Shop where Margaret found a pocket Deco in Ivory! Great find! Nice companion to her pocket Deco in Ruby.

By this time the rain had begun in full force, and people were heading off to their trains. Steve and Bev and I chatted a little more over a cup of tea to warm ourselves before Bev and I caught our trains back home.

It was great to meet everyone, and as always it was wonderful to see Steve again!

See Steve's post over on Philofaxy for more photos!


  1. I'm jealous. Wish we had a meet-up and a great Filofax store in my neighborhood.

  2. So was your Kendal just for travel? Are you still using your Plannerisms planner with a bullet journal notebook? Is it working out well?

    1. My Kendal is actually my home binder, I use it for very far future planning and reminders, car maintenance records, household chores and cleaning routines, etc. My Bullet Journal notebook + planner is still working great! I wrote a post recently detailing how I use my system for anyone curious: http://www.plannerisms.com/2014/03/how-i-use-my-planner-bullet-journal.html

  3. It was a really lovely day. Enjoyed chatting with you, hopefully see you again at another meetup soon. Bev x

    1. Bev it was great to meet you in person and enjoyed chatting with you as well! Looking forward to our next meetup. :)


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