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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brush Dance 2015 Datebooks: New Feature

I love Brush Dance Datebooks. I have reviewed them several times, cut the pages out to put them into my binder, and generally find them to be inspirational and beautiful.

The Perennial Grace datebooks are probably my favorite because of the nature-themed art and quotes.

The datebooks are approximately A5 in size with a spiral lay-flat binding. The paper is amazing, it's super-thick so you can use your favorite pens (even fountain pens). There is a pocket to hold papers, and tabbed months throughout the book. Each monthly page has beautiful art and inspirational quotes.

There are monthly calendars and a week per page layout.

At the end of each month there are several pages for notes.

In previous years there was a tabbed section at the back of the book for addresses, but the 2015's have a Notes section instead, which I prefer because I like extra notes pages and don't need address pages in my planner.

There are 12 pages (6 leaves) of notes pages in this section. This means you can use a notes page per month, or you can use a page for each month of the next year to have a future-year planner. You can use these pages to track finances, plan birthday parties and holidays, list quick-reference information, or any way you want.

I really like this update of the Brush Dance datebooks!

Brush Dance products are available at www.brushdance.com. They have a great variety of themes for the datebooks, you are sure to find one (or several!) you love.

Many thanks to Brush Dance for sending me this beautiful datebook as a sample to review!

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