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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

2015 Deafmessanger weekly planner

If you've never seen Deafmessanger's street-art inspired planners and notebooks, you are seriously missing out. These are some of the coolest little books I've ever seen.

Their 2015 Diary/ weekly planner is a nicely portable A6 size so it can go everywhere with you. Check out this cover art:
This is the Bird and...2015 Diary. There are loads of other cover options for the 2015 planner, check them all out here.

The diary comes with an elastic closure strap, red ribbon placemarker and a pencil in a loop so you can get started right away.

The little book is filled with Kucin's art with lots of little bits he's found stuck in there. There's a pocket inside the front cover, made out of a magazine page.

 There is an overview planner with 6 months over two pages:

The weekly planner pages have art on each spread so you never get bored.

Randomly stuck between the pages are quotes, pages of magazines, newspapers, books, maps, anything. You never know what you're going to find in your book.

There are other pages too: People/ Things that made me happy, Favorite places, addresses, and loads of blank pages for notes, art or whatever you want.

The inside of the back of the book has contact info. Be sure to check out www.deafmessanger.com.
Also look at their Facebook page to see lots of photos of their production process, and action shots of their products all around the world.

The back cover has a picture of Kucin's cat, Frida. Love it!

This little book will be your constant companion all year and keep you inspired and feeling great!

Deafmessanger is based in Prague and ships worldwide. You can use XE.com or a similar currency conversion program to see the amounts in your currency.

Huge thanks to Deafmessanger for sending me this wonderful diary as a sample to review. I love it!

WARNING: Deafmessanger products are highly addictive and entirely awesome. Once you get one, you'll want more!


  1. I think my last comment got eaten, apologies if this is indeed a duplicate! I really like this planner and I wanted to learn more about it but the link just goes to a blank page on their site. I am wondering if they are sold out? Also, I shared the link to this blog post with the DIY planner group I am a part of on Facebook, I hope that is ok. :)

    1. Hi Melinda, thanks for letting me know about the link, their 2015 diaries are indeed gone from the page! I have a feeling they are probably updating the page with their currently available stocks as certain styles sell out.

      Thanks for sharing the link! :)

  2. Thank you for showing these cool planners. What a lot of work has gone into them, right?


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