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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I don't want to panic anyone, but...

Have you noticed a lot of planners are already sold out? It seems early to be selling out of so many planners already, but every day I see more planners that are completely out of stock. Normally the Planner Dry Season begins in March, but this year it seems to be hitting early. I wonder if planner companies printed fewer planners this year? Or if more planners were sold this year?

Either way, if you are on the fence about a planner, you better get it quick before they are all gone!

Has a planner you were looking at sold out before you were able to buy it?


  1. Just decided I wanted to try a day per page Moleskine for my journal this year, and it's on backorder.

  2. Yes, I've noticed. And of course, I waffled on a few and they're gone. I think I'm okay with it though. I really need an academic year planner. So I'm hoping to cobble stuff together until the July planners show up.

    Or until I get fed up and find time to learn how to design my own pages. I still dream of a layout with M-F vertical timed and a column for tasks, with Sat/Sun on their own spread. My weekends are so completely different from the week that I think that would work best and still allow for a manageable size to carry. I think it would need to be half-Letter if bound, but Personal would be easier for printing individual pages.

  3. Argh, I've actually noticed this too. By the time my birthday usually rolls around (early April), they're all long gone. I went to the store to find a planner to use as an editorial calendar, and I had to hit several stores! Sugar Paper saved the day, but gosh it was a close one. Fortunately, the SP I liked seemed to be the least favorite of everyone: there were tons left. XD

    Loving this blog! <3


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