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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A5 and Half size Academic year planners

Letts academic year planner

A friend of mine in the US contacted me yesterday to ask for recommendations for A5/ Half size academic year planners. Even though there is generally a smaller selection of planners mid year than for the calendar year, there are definitely options in this size.

I'm located in the UK so I don't know what's available in US stores, but I see folks posting online about planners they buy at Target, WalMart, and Barnes and Noble. They seem to have a decent selection, so it's worth looking there.

WeekDate's Academic year planner is A5 size. They are great if you have weekly recurring events. You can see my full review here with lots of photos and links to their product pages.

The Passion Planner has a Kickstarter campaign for their new academic year planner, you can see it here. They also have an undated version of their planner, it's here.

Moleskine's large size is nearly the same size as A5, just a little narrower. Their 18 month weekly notebook is always popular. They are easy to find on Amazon or at retailers.

Quo Vadis has a great range of academic year planners. Their Academic Minister (vertical days) or Scholar (horizontal days) weekly planners are just slightly larger than A5 but still slim and light.

There's also the Half size Uncalendar, it's undated so you can start it any time. Here is their product page and here is my review of it (from a few years ago). 

Here in the UK, A5 is the most popular planner size so there are tons of planners available, although they tend to all have the same daily or week on two pages format. I bought a Letts academic planner to check it out, and I am impressed with it. It has a week on two pages layout with space above the Monday for lists and notes. All US and UK holidays are printed in the day spaces, which is nice to not have to write those in. There are also lots of notes pages in the back: lined, grid and blank. This is the planner I bought: Letts Dazzle Academic year planner. I bought the pink one and there's no losing that thing! It's nice and bright, brighter than it shows in the photo (at the top of this post). Here is Letts full selection of academic year planners. I've ordered internationally from them before and their international shipping is pretty good.

What are your recommendations for A5 or Half size academic year planners? My friend is located in the US and would prefer not to pay international shipping. Thanks for any suggestions!


  1. Gallery Leather mid-year planners might work. They are available here in Barnes & Noble, or online too http://www.galleryleather.com/mid-year-planners.

  2. I am loving all of these bound planners, but my FC is working so well for me I'm afraid (like really afraid) to change my system. Did not know that the Uncalendar is undated so that's interesting. Also Walmart has a bunch of new academic calendars that are really cute: At-A-Glance and mint green.


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