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Monday, May 23, 2016

TOAD (Today Or Any Day) Customized Planner/ Diary

I'm not posting very often here on Plannerisms these days, because I post four times a week over on Quo Vadis blog so most of my Planner Talk goes over there. But every now and then I discover a new planner that I feel compelled to write about. This is one such planner!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with TOAD in any way, and I paid for this diary myself. I do not receive any commissions and I do not represent the company in any way. I am merely a happy customer and wanted to share my experience.

TOAD (Today Or Any Day) www.toaddiaries.co.uk is a diary (planner) website in the UK where you design and customize your diary.

You choose everything about it: which weekly or daily layout you want, with timed appointments (and whether you want them to 15, 30 or 60 minutes), or with no appointments. You can choose a week + notes layout, a standard week across two pages, or a week per page. They also have family style formats that allow you to keep track of multiple people each week.

You choose which month to start your diary, and how many months you want in your book: 6, 12, 13, 16, 18, 21, 24 or 36. I chose 21 months for far-future planning!

There are loads of options, go check out their website to see what you can choose. I'll walk you through the planner I created and tell you about some of the options.

I chose an A5 size planner with wire-o binding, you can also choose book-bound. The wire-o bound planners come with a frosted plastic cover for durability.

They have tons of cover designs to choose from. Under the plastic cover you can see the cover I chose: Cover Theme Molten, Cover Design Halcyon. The Molten designs are images of ink and oil floating on water. I think they are all gorgeous, but my favorite color is purple so of course I had to go for this one! You can also personalize two lines on the front and back covers.

I'll walk you through my book. The inside of the front cover has a bunch of time-related quotes to inspire you. There is an If Found Return To page with the story of how Toad Diaries started.

There are several pages for personal information and important contacts:

There is a page with holidays and notable dates so you can write the ones that are relevant to you into your day spaces.

There are year overview pages for the previous, current and future year:

There are monthly planning pages that allow you to see six months per page:

I chose the week across two pages format, but you can also choose week per page, week + notes, timed with appointments, daily, etc.

I chose the diary + journal, which has 80 pages in the back of the book for notes! This is a great option for Bullet Journalers who want to be able to plan and bullet journal in the same book and are sick of drawing their own weekly pages.

The notes pages are NUMBERED and there is a Contents page for indexing!

At the back of the book there are 16 more pages for notes, which I'm guessing must be what comes in the normal (non-journal) diary. There is also a pocket, a card holder pocket, and a ribbon placemarker.

There are some other surprises in the book which I won't tell you about!

I don't know what the weight of the paper is, but it's superb: white and smooth, and on the back side I can hardly tell it's written on, even with my roller ball pens.

I ordered my book on a Wednesday morning and it was delivered the following Monday, which is super-fast delivery, especially for a custom book! I think TOAD ships internationally but I don't know their rates, you can contact them for more info on international shipping.

TOAD also makes dated inserts for Filofax and compatible ring-binder brands in A5, Personal and Pocket sizes.  They also make A5 7-hole inserts for Collins ring binders but I don't know if these are compatible with Franklin Classic size. As with the bound books, you can choose the starting month and which layout/ format you want.

They also make notebooks, but not just regular notebooks. You can choose if you want lined pages, blank, dotted etc or mixed: lined and blank, dotted and lined, grid and blank, etc!

They are adding new features all the time, so check the TOAD diaries website often to see what's new!

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Hello Laurie, this concept ist also in Germany available ... www.mein-taschenkalender.com/.

    1. Yes that looks similar to Personal Planner: http://www.personal-planner.com

  2. I love these. I hope they ship to the US.

  3. Thanks for doing this review, I was looking for a new 2017 DPP diary for my health journal (I realised too late last year that the Leuchtterm1917 had weekends that share a page :(), and I think this may be the one for me.
    Laurie, I wanted to add that this site is great, this is always my first place to check when changing my planners/diaries - which happens at least twice a year :)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad you find my blog useful. :)


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