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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Deaf Messanger 2017 diaries and notebook

Many thanks to Deaf Messanger for sending me these products as samples to review!

I was thrilled to receive these new 2017 diaries and notebook from Deaf Messanger! I love the cool art of their notebooks and diaries.

The Deaf Messanger notebooks come in various sizes with all kinds of cover art. This is the Big Notebook which is A5 size.

Inside there is a pocket made from a magazine page, so each one is unique. 

The recycled paper is blank and inviting, ready to hold your thoughts and drawings.

Throughout the book are all kinds of found things like magazine clippings, pieces of old maps, stamps, etc. This looks like someone's handwriting practice.

There are pictures and quotes throughout the book.

There is a placemarker ribbon, an elastic closure, and a pencil in an elastic loop.

The printed edges look great!

These are just two of the covers available for the 2017 diaries. There are different covers every year. These A6 size diaries are lightweight so they can go everywhere with you.

 Inside the front cover is a pocket.

There are overview pages so you can see six months at a glance, letting you easily see travel dates, holidays, and important dates.

The weekly pages are different every week, keeping it interesting all year.

Throughout the book there are things stuck in like pictures, cards, magazine clippings, etc. This is not your usual boring diary! There are interesting things throughout the book.

The weekly pages have art, quotes, and all kinds of surprises.

I love this quote:

The diaries also have the great-looking edges:

Deaf Messanger notebooks and diaries make great gifts. They ship worldwide! You can contact them to ask about international shipping rates. You can convert the prices to your currency at XE.com or a similar conversion site.

You can learn more about Deaf Messanger and their philosophy here.

You can see all the Deaf Messanger products here.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook for all their latest news, and to see how they make their products!

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