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The 2015 Plannerisms planners are now available from the Collins UK website for worldwide shipping!  Click here for the ordering page and to see the cover colors available.

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Plannerisms Planner: photos and features

Customer Testimonials!

How to use the Plannerisms planner's unique weekly pages.

How to use the Goals pages in the Plannerisms planner.

Examples of how I use the Monthly pages in my Plannerisms planner.

Videos on how to use the Plannerisms planner's Goals pages and general overview of the planner.


  1. I loved the 2014 Plannerisms planner in every way. I ordered it again for 2015 but I am really displeased with it. Why is the cover a different material and why is the paper more rough and transparent? Will it be like this next year? It sounds silly but it makes me want to find a different planner to use, which I'm sad about because the 2014 one was so delightful!

    1. Hi Betsy, the cover material is different this year because last year there were a lot of complaints from customers that the covers scratched easily. So this year's material is more durable.

      The paper though, that's a different story. The manufacturer changed the paper without notifying me, so when I received my planners I was very surprised that the paper is different.

      If you want to return your planner, please contact Collins UK to ask about their returns policy.

      And I will make sure the nice smooth paper is back for next year!

  2. hi laurie

    got my planner today; i have to agree with betsy, am a little disappointed with the paper and printing.. the paper is thinner/rougher (less 'luxe') than the previous versions which i've been using for previous two years.. printing, im just noticing that the printing is not constant, some pages have darker prints than others
    for some reason i prefer the old cover, probably having used two books already, ive been used to the minor scratches which somehow give it a personal feel; the previous' sheen also match the previous paper's personal 'luxe' feel, imho :)

    anyway im using mine now, lets see how it goes; hope some of the great properties of the previous versions come back in the subsequent publishings (im assuming you changed publisher for this year?)

    over and above, the layout is still the best aspect of the planner; the vertical format plus the weekly note sections are very practical for me, and i have not seen any other ready made planner in this format which is why im using this

    best rgds and cheers

    p.s. am i the only one who's fond of seeing a map page in planners or do others love it as well? lol.. i actually cut out the map in the 2013 version, inserted it in my 2014 version, and will now move it to my 2015 version :) serves as a reminder for me of travels to look forward to :))


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