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Friday, April 25, 2014

Free For All Friday No 32: See where the day takes you

I came across an interesting phrase the other day. Someone said they like to "see where the day takes me."  It made me realize I almost never do that anymore. Like the good little planning person all the productivity articles tell me to be, I plan out each day in a fair amount of detail to make sure I will be Productive, because Productivity is the Goal. Or is it?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to throw my planner in the river and go skipping along on my way to chaos (which is where I would be without my planner).

But it did make me think, I don't do that nearly often enough. Sometimes I need to just go along in my day without worrying too much about what I Should Be Doing at every moment, and just see where the day takes me.

Do you ever do that?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/or ask anything planner related!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Free For All Friday No. 31: What type(s) of planner could you not ever use?

What planner type(s) do you know would not ever work for you? Or that you have tried (maybe more than once) and it fails disastrously every time?

For me, it's day per page planners. I've tried so many times to use them as my planner, because I love the level of detail I can capture on each day's page. But the lack of forward planning leaves me "lost in a sea of individual days" as I call it. When I use a day per page planner, I also have to use a weekly planner for forward planning.

I know people who need the flexibility of ring binders, and bound planners would just not work for them. I also know people who can only use bound planners, because they hate writing around rings and they tend to lose unbound pages. As another example, I have a friend who has five kids, and she has to use a monthly planner. Anything with a shorter range does not give her the ability to plan ahead like she needs.

Which planner type(s) could never work for you?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything planner related!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Roll call! Which planner format(s) are you using now?

I can't keep track of who's using what. Heck, sometimes I can't keep track of what I'm using myself! I know I must have a weekly planner, but I'm still on the fence as to whether to stay with my notebook as my daily record, or go back to a dated day per page diary to record each day. I like both, for opposite reasons.

What are you using now? And is it the same format as what you started this year with?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Free For All Friday No. 30: Your planner, clean and pristine or well-used = well-loved?

Some people like to keep their planners looking like new as long as they can. And I definitely agree that some planners/ binders look best when they are unblemished.

But there's a lot to be said for a well-used planner that's a bit tattered and marked. It looks like it's had a good life!

What about you? Do you prefer your planner to stay relatively pristine? Or does a well-loved planner show signs of use?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything planner-related!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hungarian planners and calendars from Global Office Solutions

Here are a whole bunch of awesome planners and calendars from Global Office Solutions in Budapest! As usual with me, there's a backstory.

Recently on Facebook I saw someone's photo of shelves of beautiful planners and of course I had to know where the shop was! Turns out it was the Global Office Solutions shop in Budapest, Hungary. I was even more interested then, because I've been to Budapest several times and love it! (If you've never been there, you must go! Awesome place.)

Long story short, the owner of the shop very kindly replied to my questions on FB and directed me to their website, where I was dazzled by the array of planners! Check them out at www.goss.hu.

Also DON'T MISS their Filofax retail website, they have tons of Filofax organizers and lots of discontinued ones so if you are looking for a discontinued Filofax, look at MyFilofax.hu!

Global Office Solutions and My Filofax ship internationally. You can check your currency exchange rate compared to Hungarian Forints at XE.com or any similar website, but remember the actual exchange rate for your order is set by your credit card company.

I hear you, shut up and show us some photos! So after I looked through all their planner photos, I fell in LOVE with this one: the Nebraska A5 day per page diary in purple (Lila).
I crazy-love this diary. You know how I get with planners, especially day-per-page ones. I love this one.
I actually took some time deciding which color to get, because this soft-touch Nebraska cover comes in several beautiful colors. I considered burgundy, tan and blue. Then I thought, who am I kidding? Of course I have to go for the purple one!

This planner has so many features I love. The first page has a Happy New Year message that is a really nice touch.

There are annual planners, which I really like.

I love maps! This planner has a map of Budapest:

And of Hungary:

There is a handy chart of public holidays for lots of countries in Europe and elsewhere including the US and Canada:

The day per page format has timed lines for each day, with Saturday and Sunday sharing a page vertically.

The days of the week and the months are printed in Hungarian, English and German. If you are learning a language, it's really useful to have a planner in that language (which I have done before). I'm fascinated by the Hungarian language because there's no other language like it. From what I have read, the closest-related language to it is Finnish, which is baffling because Finland is so far away from Hungary!
Moon phases (new, full and quarters) are indicated on the days. The daily pages also have sunrise and sunset times for Budapest, which is a great feature. I wish I could find a diary with my local sunrise and sunset times for every day!

There is open space at the top of the pages to write important events, and more open space at the bottom of each page for notes along with monthly calendars of the current and next month.
The grey and red print on the cream pages looks great and is very pleasant to look at. I'm really picky about the appearance of planner pages, because it's something you look at all day every day so it must look nice! I really like these pages.
There are tear-off corner tabs and a ribbon placemarker so you can choose how to mark your current day. (I use the ribbon placemarker.)

At the back of the book there are 21 pages for notes! They are alphabetized but without any formatting or designations, just lines, so you can use the pages however you want. You could use them for contacts, or for other alphabetized purposes like C for car maintenance record, M for medical information, etc. Or you can easily ignore the letters and use the pages for general notes.
It's a wonderful diary with a hard, padded cover and soft-to-touch leather-like material. I weighed this diary at 480g, which is noticeably lighter than other A5 size day per page diaries I own (some of which weigh more than 580g!)

They have a huge selection of A5 daily planners so you're sure to find one you'll love! They also have a great selection of vertical weekly planners in the larger B5 size.

When I ordered this diary I emailed the owner of the shop to ask permission to show photos of it and got a very positive response, along with a fantastic surprise when my package arrived! Lots of goodies!

This handy pocket weekly planner was included, with a hard cover and excellent weekly format:
This planner has white paper and tear-off corners, and an easy to use timed weekly layout with the days of the week and months in Hungarian, English and German.

Also included were a whole bunch of awesome calendars! I had mentioned in my email that I love Hungarian food so there are two calendars with traditional Hungarian recipes (large wall and weekly desk), a gorgeous weekly desk calendar of Hungary, a National Parks calendar and a Coffee calendar. What a great spread!

I love the weekly photos in the Hungary desk planner.

It stands up on the desk and has a vertical weekly layout and a new photo each week. The days of the week are in Hungarian, English and German, and moon phases are indicated on the days. I love it!

The National Parks calendar has beautiful photos each month and a multi-language format.
The National Parks and Coffee calendars each have a full page of stickers!

With these calendars and diaries I'll learn my days of the week and months in Hungarian, and when I get really ambitious I'll translate the recipes! Already just from using the website I've learned some colors like purple (lila) and blue (kek) and the word for daily (napi). The more ways you interact with a language, the faster you'll learn it.

Even if you're not planning to learn Hungarian, I highly recommend these diaries and calendars and I found the website very easy to use.

Huge thanks to Global Office Solutions for kindly including the bonus weekly planner and calendars!

And if you are ever in Budapest (a place you definitely should go!) be sure to visit the Global Office Solutions shop and check out their entire range of planners, diaries, Filofax organizers and inserts!