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Monday, March 6, 2017

Agendio A5 Filofax pages

After I used the Agendio A5 Filofax pages I reviewed on Philofaxy for awhile, I realized I needed to see my days in more detail. So I ordered up these weekly pages with timed daily columns (click on photos for a better/ larger view):

This is weekly format Model number 12227.

As with everything Agendio, the pages are fully customizable. I chose the times 8 am to 7:30 pm to the half hour, but I could have started with any hour and/or done hourly increments if I wanted. I chose a different color theme for each month, which I really enjoy. I love the bright white, smooth 90 gsm paper. (My photos don't do these pages justice at all. The paper is very white and the colors are very nice!)

I chose which country's holidays to add (US and UK because I'm American living in Britain, and Iceland just for fun).

I also added my own events like birthdays, special days, when I'm due to write Free For All Fridays on Philofaxy, when my dog is due for vaccines and when my parking pass is due to expire, bills due, when I need to submit invoices, etc. (Click for larger view.)

At the right of the page I customized the lists area to have task lists for Personal and Work, and a colored area at the top right for my weekly goals. The color changes each month according to that month's color theme, which is so appealing.

I use the space below the daily columns to write in my blog posts planning. This is a great way to keep the posts schedule visible and not mixed into the rest of my day.

I feel like I have achieved Planner Nirvana at last! These pages are very appealing to look at and use due to the colors and the high quality paper. The layout keeps my days very organized, and I can see at a glance what I have going on and when I have time in my schedule to fit in work, volunteering, school events, etc.

Agendio has a new feature where you can preview your planner before you order it! It's a great way to see exactly what your planner is going to look like before you order it.

There are many things I love about Agendio planners: the enormous variety of formats (weekly, weekly + monthly, weekly + daily, daily + monthly, etc) and layouts (daily columns, daily rows, grid), sizes and types (bound planners or looseleaf refills). I can design the page to be exactly how I want it to be, with my own sections and labels.

Another thing I love is the peace of mind knowing all my important dates and events are already in the planner. I don't have to worry about forgetting anything, because everything is already printed into the correct dates. I have chosen exactly which holidays I want printed, so everything in my planner is relevant to me. And all of my events are saved, so when I'm ready to order next year's planner, all the holidays and recurring events will automatically go into my new planner too.

Agendio has a referral program that works like this:

If you have never registered with Agendio before, please click through this link to see the information on the planner I made and register at Agendio. Then if you order a planner from Agendio, I will receive a discount on my next planner (which I will inevitably order, because customizing my own planner is very addictive!). It doesn't cost you anything at all, and I will get a discount on my next planner. Thank you!!!

I purchased this planner with my own money. I am not affiliated with Agendio, I'm just a very happy customer!