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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daycraft Make My Day diary

I have a bunch of Daycraft diaries and notebooks that I will be reviewing this month. Here is the awesome Daycraft Make My Day diary. It definitely makes my day!
This book is very eye-catching because it just looks so cool. The hard cover has black fabric that is nice to touch, and on the front there is a reflective design that says Make My Day.

This looks really cool too: the edges of the pages are black, with After Day After Day After Day inkjet-printed all around.

First of all, the book is the perfect size to go everywhere. It's 6 1/4 inches tall and 5 1/4 inches wide, so it fits into a very small bag. And yet, the almost-square shape means the book opens wide to show a roomy weekly layout, with the days as untimed columns (click on the photos for a larger view).

I love the clean, simple design. I really appreciate the current month at the top right of the page, to let me see where this week is in relation to the rest of the month.

The cream-colored paper is 70 g, and is sourced from sustainable forests. It's great to write on and very smooth.

At the beginning of each month there is a page spread like the one shown below.

Each month there is a picture of different things spelling out Make My Day. One month it's spelled out with legos. Another month it's with french fries. Another month it's with flowers. This really adds to the personality of the book and is fun.

The right page has the month calendar at the bottom with most of the page having lined space to write in. Having a page at the beginning of each month is great for that month's goals, lists, bills to pay, whatever I need to remember for that month. Great feature!

There is also a 2010 overview planner with four months to a view. I always like having monthly calendars in my planner to be able to see what's coming up.There is also a forward planner for all of 2011 with the same four months to view setup:

There are reference calendars for all of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012:
There is a list of international holidays, including the US and UK:
Something that is an absolute requirement for me in a planner: International dialing codes!

Below is a feature that I really like and appreciate: an International Airport Guide. This is great information for any traveler: it lists numerous airports around the world and gives you the website for reference, how far it is from the city center, about how much it should cost to get a cab to the city (essential for avoiding being ripped off!!), whether there is a train from the airport to the city center, duty free limitations, etc. Wow!!! I love this feature. (Click for larger view):
There are international conversion tables, and a C-F temperature conversion chart (which I refer to often and always need to have with me).

In the back of the planner there is a page for your personal information. And, here is another feature I love: the last several pages of the book are perforated tear-out mini-notes for those moments when you need a scrap of paper to write your number or email address on and give to someone. And each little piece of paper says Make My Day! Very clever.

This is a cool-looking little book with tons of personality that's packed with useful international information. It has an excellent weekly layout with monthly planning calendars. It's a very portable size with a nice-feeling cover. Overall it's an excellent planner and an awesome book!

Daycraft is the #1 brand of planners and notebooks in Hong Kong, but they don't have a US distributor yet. So go to your local bookstore and tell them that they MUST start carrying this brand, because their products are fantastic!

I recently received another box of more Daycraft planners and notebooks to review! Woo hoo! So stay tuned to Plannerisms, loads more Daycraft reviews to come!

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