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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Filofax Amethyst Deco!!!

Here is a pic (from the Filofax Facebook page) of the new Filofax Deco in Amethyst coming out later this year!! Somebody please catch me as I swoon!!

As we all know, I adore my Ivory Deco Filofax. And as we also all know, I love purple. So the combination of the two leaves me just about speechless!

Check out some of the other new Filofax products coming out in the background of Filofax_UK on Twitter. (Slimline Deco! Songbirds organizers! Awesome new bags!)

It's a year full of excitement for those of us who love Filofax! Wheee!!!


  1. I think Filofax came out with this design only to tempt you. Just think about it, you already own a Deco you absolutely adore. So now they come out with your favourite colour version? I think they know you got yours as a present; now this way they will get you to pay them your money...

    Or I could simply believe it is only a marketing approach based on the fact that many of us Philofaxers love that particular colour...

    Not that I'm complaining!!! heheheehhe ;)

  2. I'm so upset that the ivory has been discontinued. My dreams of owning it cam only be salvaged if someone that bought one sells it on eBay some day.

  3. taylormade, maybe you could send them an email asking for it, I believe I saw some at their London store. Their customer service is great, so it's worth a try ;)

  4. Oni, I think you have discovered their dastardly plan!!!!


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