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Monday, April 12, 2010

Offline while traveling

I'm headed to London, where I'll be mostly offline. I'll pop in every now and then when I can. :)

After much deliberation I decided to bring my Deco Filofax with me, because it contains so much information I need, and all my maps. But at the last minute, I've decided to ALSO bring my self-made Moleskine planner, because I didn't want to have to re-copy everything from my Filo planner pages into my Mole when I get back. My Mole planner lives in my Rickshaw Bagworks Moleskine folio, which has a zip pocket for my passport and clear pocket in the back for papers. Yes I'm carrying a lot, but I just couldn't choose one!

I'm planning to visit the Filofax Mother Ship (aka the Conduit Street shop) sometime while I'm there. I will have a full report for you when I get back! :D


  1. have a safe trip, have fun and enjoy the Filo shop : )

  2. Have a good trip. Maybe you could post some picks when you are back. Would be great.

  3. have a nice trip :) x

  4. When you drop in to the shop, see if Brigitte is there - she's the shop manager and would love to have a chat with you I'm sure! Have a great trip :)

    Jess from Filofax

  5. Don't forget to get your daily picture of Great Britain!


  6. Thanks everybody! It's been an extremely busy week so far here in London. I did manage to pop into the Filofax shop for just a few minutes this morning, but Brigitte wasn't there--she was at another shop. Oh well!

    I am due to fly back home tomorrow, but right now nobody knows if there will be any flights due to the volcanic ash! So it's possible I may stay over the weekend. (If I do stay I may have another chance to meet up with Brigitte!)

    You know, I ridiculously left my camera at home! Duh. So unfortunately I won't have any photos to post! :(


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