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Friday, April 16, 2010

Stranded in London

So, have you heard there's a giant Icelandic volcanic ash cloud over the UK? And that it's grounded all the flights? Well, my flight back home today is one of the thousands of flights cancelled. And, nobody knows when flights will resume because the volcano is still erupting. And then when flights DO resume, there will be a huge backlog of people who need to travel. So...

Weekend in London! Woo hoo! :D

I got to visit the Filofax store yesterday, but only for a few minutes. I got to see some of the new Filofaxes out now: the Heart and Songbird ones are very pretty, I especially like the Songbird. I held the Chameleon and expected the leather would be firm like a Finsbury, but it is like BUTTAH. Nice and soft. I also saw the new Letts notebooks, which are really nice and would be excellent for travel. Not only do they have an elastic strap, they also have international information like dialing codes etc. which make them especially useful.

I somehow managed to hold myself back from buying any Filofaxes, but I did take the opportunity to stock up on a bunch of refills, stickers, business card holder inserts, etc. I also bought the pink week on 2 pages diary insert, and popped it into my Deco. So pretty!! I'll post pics when I get home!

I want to give my Rickshaw Bagworks Moleskine Folio an A+ in Travel. It is perfect for traveling. Here are 2 great examples:

On the plane: the zip pocket holds my passport, the clear back pocket holds my flight itinerary, my Moleskine is my planner where I have written my hotel reservation information. When they hand out the immigration cards to fill out, instead of digging through my bag for all the info, it's all there in my Folio: Passport number? In the pocket. Incoming flight number? Back pocket. Address in UK? Written in my Mole planner. Golden.

Example #2: I've been carrying my Mole folio in my bag with me as I go out and about. (My Filofax stays in my hotel room--locked securely in the safe!--unless I need the tons of info inside it. Yesterday I did need all the info in my Filo so I carried it in my bag that day. Most of the time my Filofax is Mission Control back in my room.).

Anyway, Mole folio in my bag. In the clear back pocket I have put my Filofax London map, folded so that the area I'm in is visible through the clear pocket. So if I get lost while I'm out and about, I just open my book and have a look. It looks like I'm just checking my agenda, and I don't look like a lost tourist with my map out. Blending: priceless.

Also in the zip pocket I keep extra currency, receipts to save for reimbursement later, my return train ticket for whenever I eventually head back to the airport, etc.

Rickshaw: well done with the folio. I know Mark travels a ton, and he has really nailed it with this travel-friendly folio. Ultra-convenient, and super-cool looking too.

For now I'm off to the British Museum! Rosetta Stone, here I come! :D


  1. Have a good weekend! Can't believe you managed to resist buying a Filo!

  2. Laurie, if you get a chance, go to the War Museum - Unbelievable!!

  3. *faints*

    you didn't buy a new Filo while in London??!! Alright...who are you, and what have you done with our Laurie??!!

  4. Michele, thanks for the tip! :)

    Jess and YM: I know, I know. The whole time I was in the shop I had to keep chanting in my head, "I don't NEED a new Filo. I don't NEED a new Filo!" I was definitely tempted though!!

    Had a FANTASTIC afternoon at the Brit Museum today! Natural History museum tomorrow! :D

  5. Get home safe, I need your support. I won't get through changing back to Filo without you. FC keeps calling me and I'm determined not to answer! LOL
    Have a safe trip, send pictures please!


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