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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Experiment #3: Filofax 2 Days Per Page

Yesterday I had the idea to try the 2 Days Per Page format, thinking it might be a good compromise with more space to write each day while still allowing me to see half my week at a time. Thanks yesterday to luminosity6 for confirming that Sunday shares the page with a space for Notes, so that the days are always in the same position on the page (which is less confusing to me than if the days cycled through different positions on the page).

So I did a rough mock-up of the 2DPP on blank Filofax sheets, only through Sunday the 26th.  I figure if I love this setup after a few days I might order up the insert pack, which would begin Monday the 27th.  Lately, about 3 or 4 days is enough time for me to know if the system will fail. I'm so busy with pre-Christmas preparation (and, hopefully, for guests at New Year, road conditions permitting) that if my system can't keep up, it's evident quickly.

To help those of you who are interested in my frequent planner changes, I have added a Currently Using note there in my sidebar above Search. I've been switching every few days lately in my effort to settle on my planner for all of 2011 before the end of January. I have to cram in as much trail-and-error as I can!


  1. You are awesome! I love how you keep trying something new. I noticed the "Currently using" note yesterday and find it very helpful (and entertaining too, haha). Hope you keep a monthly view with this experiment. That's how I stay grounded. A weekly view did nothing for me, I couldn't plan ahead very well. BTW, I loved your fat Filo picture. My FC is pretty fat too, and I feel it's a metaphor for how busy and full my life is...

  2. Thanks Stefee! Yes I did keep a monthly view, I have to have that no matter what planner I'm using to see the big overview.

    After I put up the Currently Using I thought I should have been doing that all year, then put a list in the sidebar of what planner I used and the dates I used it (even those 2-day experiment ones). Now THAT would have been entertaining!

  3. I use the 2 days per page format for my Filo and really like it. I have large and bad handwriting and the two days per page format helps it all fit. Have used that format for about 2 years now. Good luck on your trial.


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