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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Need suggestions: how to use my Moleskine Extra Small Daily Planner?

My pink-covered Moleskine Extra Small daily planner is too adorable not to use!  I need to come up with a use for it.

It's tiny (2 1/2 by 4 inches) so I can take it absolutely everywhere with me.

Using it as my planner is not an option because I have to have a week view.  But, there are lots of things I can use the small daily format for.

In my post When Is A Planner Not A Planner? I have a list of ways to use a dated day per page planner, and I'm considering these options.

One thing I've considered is using it to record daily expenses, because it is so small I can take it everywhere and it would be handy to jot in.  But, it seems like a shame to use such a cute and fun book for such a serious and boring purpose!  (Although maybe making budgeting more fun would actually encourage me to do it!)

I've thought of using it as a type of gratitude or positivity journal (although not in such a hardcore fashion as Yvotchka's!).

Do you have any recommendations or ideas for ways to use this cute little planner?


  1. Oh, go with the positivity journal! Let's start a trend!!

    Plus, it is so very cute I think it would lend itself to something like that. I doubt you could fit 52 a day on those tiny pages, but one or two (and perhaps a fun doodle) would be a neat thing to look back on at the end of the year.

  2. Hi Laurie

    I got myself a lime green extra small moleskine, like you I didnt really know what I needed it for.

    I plan to note down my camping travels as we love to look back at where we've been throughout the year. That usually runs from March to October and obviously I work during the week so I thought in the other days I'd just try to write something. It might be one word, a sentence, the weather. Just something of the day. Because as you said it seems to be crying out for something less serious than dentist appointments. I'm sure you'll share your entries with us in the future and as it's not work I may share too.

  3. You could use it as a "one-sentence-per-day" journal, or a gratitude journal where you write down 5 things to be grateful for - every day!

    That said, I'm sitting back and waiting for others to react. I've held this little book in a shop a couple of weeks ago, and I also thought it was just too adorable to pass up on!

  4. I like the sentence a day idea, or it could be a sort of Twitter journal, with entries limited to 140 characters a day. I think these are really cute, myself, and have been toying around with the idea of getting one. I think having an entire year of really brief entries will make a nice novelty for my descendants to discover among my papers someday.

  5. Just had another idea! Buy a second XS Moleskine in blue, and keep a journal for each of your kids. Each day, write something about them: a funny or brilliant quote, something they did, a tooth they lost, how big they grew, milestones of all sorts. Think about how great it would be for them to read this back!

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  7. I like the idea of a gratitude journal. I'm thinking of starting one myself, adding it to my "Me" binder (which really needs a better name). I also like Jotje's idea of keeping one for your kids.

  8. Laurie, I'd say go for gratitude! I know what you mean about it being too cute for recording expenses.
    Yesterday I went grocery shopping and passed a bookstore...knowing their Moleskines would be on sale, I went in "just to take a look" (yeah right). I ended up buying a small one, hardcover, daily format, lined. The President's still not here and I wonder how long it might take, maybe a month? So I will use the Moleskine for either my diet log, or, more likely, a mood journal, as I have just emerged out of a long severe depressed phase. I may decide to dedicate this planner to recording my feelings in the form of images (drawings), sort of as colour therapy combined with art, which I used to love practicing, and I now miss. It would be something to look forward to every day, and the dated format would be more encouraging to me than a regular sketchbook.

  9. I like all these ideas! Here's another one: the lovely pink color makes me think of self-love. As in write something nice about yourself everyday for a year... As moms we give out a lot of praise but rarely hear something nice about ourselves. Give yourself a li'l love!

  10. I like all of these ideas!

    Jotje I already do basically that in my journal, then periodically I compile each kids' entries in their own journal that I've written for each of them since they were born. I've slacked off on this lately but need to get more diligent about capturing those cute fleeting moments because they are so much fun to read later!

    Stefee I love your self-love journal idea! I have so many self-negative thoughts throughout each day, it would be really good for me to specifically focus on self-positive things.

    Christine I also have a pocket size Moleskine day per page diary, I buy a daily diary of this size every year, this is my 2nd year in a row buying a Moleksine one. I like to have it for very busy days to have more space to plan my day, or to carry around in my pocket on those days when I'm really busy and feeling scattered to jot down ideas and things to do as they come to me otherwise they'll be forgotten.

    Keep the ideas coming! :)

  11. I have used them as a food diary and to record my daily weight. This has worked out well until I start overeating and skipping days. I am considering using one in 2011 as an idea/invention journal.

  12. Haha, I thought I would be so smart and suggest gratitude journal. Or what about:
    *daily accomplishment(s) (Not the "to-do" list stuff necessarily, just what you feel really great about for that day.
    *Books/blogs/magazines read/to be read list.
    *NOT spent list (items you wanted but didn't buy so you saved $!).
    *Weather/mood/activities (Even the seemingly mundane an be great to re-read later).
    *Projects completed/blogging milestones
    *Daily "Celebration of Me". Wonderful things you tell yourself every day. Just like you would compliment someone else.
    *Thought/prayer/scripture/quote of the day.

    Ok, I'm out of ideas. Enjoy it anyway, it sure is cute!

  13. Hmmm...since I'm learning Spanish, I might as well get one from Borders (selling it at 50% yesterday - I guess they're all gone by now!) and learn one word or phrase a day without the complicated tenses and conjugation and keep it as my bathroom and DMV read!

  14. So I think I've decided what I'll use it for. I just got back from a couple of days in Edinburgh. I took my Mole weekly planner, but not my journal because it was just a couple of days. But, we did lots of fun things that I want to write in my journal later. There's not enough space on my daily spaces in my weekly planner to do planning and also journal-entry writing. So, I will use my extra-small daily Mole to jot things I want to write in my journal later. I think this will be perfect, because I can capture all those little things that I would have forgotten by the time I sit down with my journal. Also the weather icons will remind me to note weather and temp, which is fun to look back on months later. And the planner is so tiny I can even keep it in my pocket to always have at hand. Hooray! A viable and useful function on a daily basis for this cute and fun planner!!

  15. Laurie, that's a great idea! Wishing you lots of fun with that little one!


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