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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fishing Journal

A couple of weeks ago my family and I stayed in a cottage on the west coast of Scotland for a long weekend. It's one of those rental-by-owner properties, and it was really nice. There were loads of interesting things on the shelves including knicknacks, pictures, and lots of books. There was even a real (empty) ostrich egg!  Being nosey, of course I had to look through everything.

On the shelf with the books I found this amazing fishing journal. It holds detailed records of everything this fisherman caught from 1966 to 1976!
Amazing details of each catch are recorded.
The first page of each year has that year written at the top.
There are a few summary pages that I don't understand.

The book is bound in cloth.

Inside the cover is the binder's information. I wonder if this company is still in business.

I'm not into fishing, but I found this journal absolutely fascinating. This is yet another example of the archival power of notebooks!


  1. Christine asked me to post this comment on her behalf:

    Hi Laurie,
    I loved your fishing journal post! I feel very nostalgic about the time period the journal is from. Any other mysterious finds from that cottage that you're saving for later posts?! Maybe hints to a murder from a long time ago:) (I've watched too many Midsomer Murders movies lately; I love them)

    LOL!! I did find an amazing recipe notebook that was hand-written, some recipes in English and some in French (by the same writer, interestingly) but I can't remember if I took any photos of it. If I did I'll post some!

  2. What a great find. About a year ago we stayed with some friends on Hilbre Island which is in the Dee Estuary in NW England and which gets cut off twice daily at high tide. The house itself has a journal, and there are entries going back decades from people who have stayed there....fascinating. I just wonder how much of this kind of history we are going to lose now that we have 'advanced' to the electronic age.

    Good find!

  3. I'm not into fishing either, but this is a great journal! Just another example of how bound books/binders can be used for any project and archiving purpose. Great find!


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