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Friday, February 11, 2011

Nancy's Filofax + Moleskine cahier combination

Many thanks to Nancy for sharing her brilliant method of combining her Filofax with a Moleskine cahier as her daily planner!  I absolutely love this method!

Nancy posted this comment on my Location Notebook post:

"I just started using a pocket-sized Moleskine cahier so I could have one day-per-two pages for my pocket-sized Urban Filofax. On the right side I write the numbers 7 through 9 (7am - 9pm), with the date at the top, and then fill in the page with my day. I only fill out a template for one page at a time. On the left side I write notes - to do's, observations, etc. I wanted more space, with no rings, than the Filo pre-printed pages afforded. Oh, and I wanted it blank (no lines). So I take the little cahier, with doodle-friendly, paper-bag-brown cover, and attach it to the inside back cover of my filo with a paperclip clamp at the bottom (what are they called?). I attach the clip so the book flips open to the current page - love it! The notebook actually stays wedged in there without the clip, but the clip makes me feel more secure and I don't have to think about holding it in place when I swing open my planner to get at the billfold in the check-out line. ANYWAY... maybe you could piggyback a cahier to your notebook? They come in packs of three, so there's always more if you fill up the first one."

I think this is absolute genius! I love how it solves so many issues all at once.  There's the permanence of having all her reference info on the Filofax rings, yet she is able to have the larger page size of the Moleskine AND two pages per day!!

Check out her AWESOME customization of her Urban Filofax!!

"I decided not to worry about any damage the clip might do to my FF because (a) it is denim, not leather, and (b) I've decided to adopt the 'Wreck Your Journal' philosophy and really commit to thrashing my planner in the name of good, hard living.  'Hard' as in well-used, not as in a candidate for re-hab.

Enclosed find four pics showing the cahier addition, including a sample page for tomorrow (the two pages will be covered with notes, eureka moments, post-its and drawings by the end of the day).  If I feel like writing at length, I remove the cahier and write in subsequent pages until I feel like stopping.  And then I can just start the daily page at the next blank page."

Nancy, this is fantastic, and inspirational.  Thank you for sharing it with us!!


  1. Ha-ha, I'm famous! Just an edit to note that I've started attaching the clip (jaws clamp?) to the top because I have a full-length external billfold on my Filofax. This way the clip doesn't have to grab the double thickness (as it does at the bottom), and it doesn't show on the outside of the filo.

    Glad you like it, Laurie! And I was bitten by the fever when I saw your extra-small pink Moleskine, so I had to get one myself. I'll send you pics when I get it properly rigged up with a custom stamp I'm dreaming up!

  2. Nancy I can't wait to see what you've done with the extra-small Moleskine!!

  3. Excellent! The ring and cramping issue resolved.

  4. Moleskine also makes a small notebook per month set that can be used as a planner supplement, if anyone is interested. It's only 1 page per day tho, not 2.

    Could be used as a permanent place for to-do lists, as a journal, or to record a month long project.

    Colour a Month Daily Planner:

  5. Laura great idea about the monthly volants! Great option for folks who prefer the pre-printed version.

  6. I considered the Colour a Month Daily Planners, too, but finally decided against them because half of each volume is filled with general info and a full year's worth of monthly calendars... that would really put my suspected OCD front-and-center! I would drive me crazy to have empty months in each volant and to also have to remember to carry items over to the next volant. However, if I would only have it in me to ignore those sections, they might work as daily journals, but not as a planner, per se. I decided to start cheap, with the cahiers, to see if my theory would work. BTW, if you pre-order the 2012 (!) Colour a month at Amazon it's super cheap - I think $14?

  7. I read a review somewhere (Notebook Stories I think but am not positive) where they said the same thing--half of each monthly booklet is taken up by the info and monthly calendars. Are you supposed to re-write all your monthly forward plans into each booklet? This person had the genius idea that Moleskine should have made the info and monthly calendars into a booklet with a pocket in the back where you could slip in each month's daily planner booklet. I thought that would be a much better way of going about it. Which is a lot like your Filofax setup, Nancy!

  8. Nancy, very inspirational setup! And I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've done to the cover of the Urban! How did you do it?

    Also, I'm curious how you use the rest of your Urban: what do the rings hold if you have your todo's and notes all in the Cahier?

  9. I like the moleskine idea...I try to always carry a sketchbook but now it's separate from my planner. I'm going to try this combination!

  10. This is such a fabulous adjustment to your Urban. Very cool. I would also like to see more about how you use your Urban, how it is set up, your sections etc. Maybe a part 2?? hehehe

  11. "...half of each monthly booklet is taken up by the info and monthly calendars. Are you supposed to re-write all your monthly forward plans into each booklet?

    There are reviews on Amazon that complain about the same thing. You'd have to transcribe all your info & appointments from 1 booklet to the next. Really not convenient for long range planning. The consensus-- & I agree-- is that these little notebooks aren't good to use as an actual planner.

    They are probably best used as a little dated journal that you can carry around with you.

    I haven't seen the inside but it sounds like they're the same set up as the Large Moleskine I have (& my husband's small weekly). Those extra pages in the front do seen like a waste in such a small booklet. Maybe the company will make changes in the future to make them more functional.

    I would consider trying them if they came in a larger size & didn't have so many unnecessary pages.

  12. I'll post a link to some photos of the rest of my Urban set-up later today (Sunday) or tomorrow. Have to go do organizing on a larger scale right now -- cleaning out the garage!

  13. Part 2 of my coming-out post (fantasizing about Moleskines): I just read about Nancy's brilliant Filofax/Cahier idea... maybe I could adapt this idea as a transition for me? Lose the Franklin looseleaf 2-pages-per-day, keep the (still lovely leather) binder and all the many still-needed project and info sections I've built up over the years, and add in a weekly or daily Moleskine...? Oh, the possibilities...

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  15. (Tina - keep experimenting!) I've put up a blog detailing how I use and customized my Filofax. Yes, I've taken the plunge and am now ONE OF YOU. See my blog, Sense of Gravity.

    Hope you like it!! THANKS for the encouragement!

    NOTE: I removed and re-did this comment because I neglected to code my link correctly the first time.


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