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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I changed my mind again. A5 Filofax + Quo Vadis inserts = fully operational!

So you probably have whiplash by now with me switching back and forth between planners! This is to be expected during a major life change. It takes me a little while to figure out what I need.

Just yesterday I postponed my experiment with my A5 Filofax Domino combined with Quo Vadis weekly inserts (which you can read all about here) because the binder was too big to take everywhere with me.  Well as it turns out, portability is much less important to me right now than functionality.

My husband and I have been talking a lot lately about our goals. Mainly, how to get back to Scotland. (Because whenever I'm not in Scotland, my goal is always to get back.)  His contract is up in 18 months so the goal is to move back to Scotland in that time.  (I hear you: 3 international moves in 3 years??  Am I crazy? Possibly.)

The only planner that has planning pages from now all the way through the end of next year is my A5 Domino Filofax. It came with weekly planner insert pages for all of 2011 and also all of 2012, which was very thoughtful of Filofax. And, Steve sent me the Quo Vadis weekly inserts that go all the way through the end of this year, which I am now using because I love the format.

I've been frustrated recently with my bound-planner limitations. I want to plan our entire time here in Indonesia (March 2011-September 2012) in one book.  I also want monthly calendars across the two-page spread for more writing space, instead of month-per-page planners that are in my current bound planner.  And I want tabbed sections for my new goals, timelines, notes on possibilities, international information, tracking my finances closely, etc. My Filofax is the only book that can handle all of this!

No I won't be able to carry it with me everywhere. It doesn't matter. This book is making me feel empowered and in control, and able to make plans for the future. And that is what I need right now.


  1. Empowered and in contol" is a way good thing! That's how my Filofax makes me feel now. Best. Planner. Ever.
    I'm with you about Scotland. Dang, I want to move there, and I've never even been there! Do the local folks look kindly on US expats?

  2. Laurie, could the Deco, a pocket FF or the pocket mole serve as a satellite planner on the go? Or maybe take the A5 FF notepad with you and transfer the pages in the Domino at home? Love the idea of a complete Indonesia Book!!!

  3. Jotje I like your idea of taking along the A5 note pad, it's very slim and light and when I get back home there's no page-size issue.

    Rori everyone there was so incredibly nice and didn't even seem to mind I'm American! ;)

  4. Good that you have found the planner that works for now. Could this be the one? Are you still looking for the one?
    Hope you will be all settled in soon.

  5. You sound so like me Laurie - I am forever changing my mind on planners - this one is too big, this one is too small, this one is too heavy! And in the mean time I'm not planning! I always go back to an A5 planner - there is something about the size which is just right.

  6. Laurie - Good luck, I'm still struggling with my planners! I finally settled on planners/journals, but am struggling with how to carry them, how to keep them together in my bag along with the pens I want. Just stuck my weekly paperblanks maxi planner and a large moleskine cahier daily planner/journal into an old Franklin Covey painted canvas cover -- it was made to hold classic-sized wirebound planners. I dug it out of a box in the garage!! Just did it today and feel much more RELAXED now that the two planners are together, along with two pens that have a loop and a strap to hang onto. Now I just have to figure out how to incorporate my paperblanks smaller journal that I've devoted to a large writing project. I'm getting close! I think function of the planner comes first, then carrying style. And it will never be perfect. Seek peace!!

  7. Don't worry, I will always continue my search for the perfect planner. ;) In fact, I'm still looking forward to my Filofax-Moleskine planner battle at the end of June! :)


  8. hi Laurie,
    heehee, you have succumbed to the larger planner :-) Just get a bigger purse that will hold your planner and you will be all set! I'm hoping this setup is The One.

  9. Laurie,
    Great blog! I have being using this one for about 3 years now. It is awesome.



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