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Thursday, April 21, 2011

WeekDate Wall calendars now $22 less!!

Those of you who have read my reviews of WeekDate products know I love their innovative design and make-your-life-easier approach.  Now I have some really exciting news!

WeekDate Wall calendar image copyright WeekDate, Sellers Publishing Inc.
Until recently, WeekDate Wall calendars were only available for purchase on www.weekdate.com, where the price was $36.99. Now due to their new licensing agreement, WeekDate Wall calendars will be sold by Barnes & Noble, Calendars.com and Amazon, for much cheaper prices!  Below are the product links and prices:

Barnes &Noble: http://tinyurl.com/3drf37o ($13.49)
Calendars.com: http://tinyurl.com/3he5qj8 ($14.99)
Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/428ur3z ($14.99)

The WeekDate Wall calendars start August 2011 and go all the way through December 2012. They are available now for pre-order at the links above.

WeekDate Wall calendars, like the WeekDate weekly planners, have an Only Write It Once format that allows you to keep your monthly and weekly recurring events visible without re-writing them, ever!  And if a recurring event changes, you make the change once and you're done!  No more flipping through pages or erasing week after week.  Click here to see how it works. Click on the image below for a larger view.
Image copyright WeekDate, Sellers Publishing Inc.

Click here to see more information about the WeekDate Wall calendar and to learn more about its innovative Only Write It Once format!

You can also follow WeekDate on Twitter ( www.twitter.com/weekdate ) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/WeekDate ) for handy time management tips.


  1. Very cool, Laurie, thanks! I've been wanting to try out WeekDate for a long time and also balked when it came to checkout.

    BTW, have you ever looked at ahhhdesign.com? I hadn't looked at it in awhile but just got an email from her. She's pretty groovy and you may be edging more into the DIY world based on your recent planner!


  2. Thanks for that Nancy! Actually I did see that website a couple of months ago while I was searching for DIY planner stuff, I like her style and there's lots of great formats. Maybe when my printer gets here I'll play with the formats. The full-size is too big for me, but I still have a half-size 3 ring binder from Uncalendar I used several years ago, so I could print these in the half size and stick them in the smaller binder for portability. Hmm, interesting idea!

    Actually, I've been thinking of going back to my WeekDate weekly planner once my life settles back down. I was SO EXCITED to start using my WeekDate weekly when 2011 started, then literally a couple of days after I started using it I found out I had to prepare for another international move. Suddenly I didn't have recurring events anymore and I was in the throes of planner freak-outs.

    But now that we are here, once I settle into a routine and my kids are back into activities each week, my WeekDate will be great!

  3. I just lover the new wallpaper on your site. Obviously Scotland, and so nice you took this bit with you to Indonesia. Where was this picture taken? Thanks!

  4. Thanks crofter! It is indeed Scotland. The location is just as you approach Glen Coe. The mountain at the right is the famous "Pap" of Glen Coe. Beautiful location, love it there!

  5. These planners seem so amazing! Too bad my brain can't seem to deviate from the Filo...

  6. Nancy, thanks so much for mentioning ahhh-design.com!

    Laurie, I also have 4x6 templates if 8.5x11 is too large. I love following along with your planner adventures - so flattered you've been to my site! :)

  7. Hi oh.amanda! Thanks for your comment! Great to know you have portable-size 4x6 templates too. I love your site, and I think your designs are excellent! Unique and useful formats with a cool look, and I love the bird motif!


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