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Monday, November 8, 2010

WeekDate's Licensing Agreement with Sellers Publishing Inc.

Here is some really big news for WeekDate planner fans!! 

WeekDate has recently announced their new licensing agreement with Sellers Publishing Inc.  (Click here to read the WeekDate press announcement).

This means that WeekDate products will be available to purchase in stores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and their subsidiaries, throughout the US and worldwide!!  Huge congratulations to WeekDate!

You can read my review of the WeekDate weekly planner HERE.  I think it's sheer genius!

 (Images copyright of WeekDate)


  1. hi laurie - i answered you on my site as well, but you can find the planner i chose here -- it's by korean brand iconic. i love it and would recommend!

  2. ahh - actually it's this one (but they both look great :) )

  3. Hi Sarah, thank you so much! This looks like an extremely cool planner. If you would like to do a guest post about it here on Plannerisms, I would love to feature it!


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