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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Plannerversary!

Today is the first anniversary of Plannerisms! Hooray!

Here is a photo of just SOME of the planners and notebooks I've had the opportunity to review in this past year (click on photo for a tantalizingly larger view):

I have enjoyed this year immensely.  I've had the chance to try out (and post reviews for you of) lots of fantastic planners, thanks to the generosity of many wonderful planner people (and also my own bank account).

In this year I have learned a lot about planners and the people who make them.  Many thanks to everyone who sent me planners and talked to me about planners.  Thanks to the wonderful people who did guest posts here on Plannerisms. And many thanks to everyone who reads my blog!  You all have made my Plannerisms experience loads of fun.

And as always, extra special thanks to my sister Sandy for her continued love, support, and understanding of my planner fixation!  I love you, Sis!!

There are several Plannerisms posts that I especially like.  In no particular order, my favorites are:

Ghost of Planners Past #1: Desperation

Ghost of Planners Past #4: The One That Started It All

Countdown to Fail

There Can Be Only One

This one is a guest post from my sister: Sandy's FiloFAIL, Mole Love, and Trinote Try

Do you have a favorite Plannerisms post?

I'm looking forward to much more Plannerisms to come!  Thanks for reading, everybody!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Do something wonderful for yourself-- You have a beautiful, awesome blog--WOW that is such an accomplishment!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I'm so glad I found your blog...I stalk it everyday hoping for more pictures, more reviews! CONGRATS and can't wait for more years to come :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Take care!

  3. Thanks to you both! I'm glad you like my blog! :)

    And Happy Thanksgiving to you too emelyn! I'm feeling VERY homesick for the US this week. Of all the foreign countries I've lived in, this is the first place we've been where we don't know any other Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving with. :(

  4. All the best for your anniversary! May you continue for many more years!

    My favourite post include, randomly:
    - ecosystem planner (because the world needs to know about recycled options)
    - Past vs. Future (because it's such a long and personal post, and I'm nostalgic)
    - I'll give it a Tri (because you're so passionate about Quo Vadis and I like their layouts, too)
    - Daycraft (the one with the fruit and cheese-cracker planners, or were they notebooks? I like most of what you showed)

    I can imagine you feel homesick...I miss German christmas fairs too (and many other things) and I try to ignore my 'cravings'. But Scotland must compensate in many ways, no?

  5. I'm glad you liked my Past vs. Future post, later after I posted it I thought maybe I shouldn't have, or maybe should have split it into multiple posts because it was so wordy and rambling!

    Yes, Scotland is definitely wonderful. Beautiful landscape, nice people, a fantastic place to live. I do get homesick every now and then, but really this is where I want to be. If only I could talk my sister into moving to Scotland too! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Deco= Drool!
    I love reading your posts so keep up the good work :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary, Laurie! Thanks for all your help over the past year.
    Just for you I'll put your name on one of the turkey legs!!

  8. So, today I had a chance to see a few Quo Vadis planners in person - I fell in love with them, especially (you guessed it) the Equology, in Minister format!! I love everything about it and don't understand why, at least where I live, Moleskine seems to sell so well; it's much more common than Quo Vadis. It also costs a whole lot more for offering less.

    I did see a nice Moleskine - an extra large weekly + notes in vertical format, for $45!!! Then why not go with a QV instead for almost half the price?!

  9. I agree that Moleskines tend to be hugely overprized. You can however get some decent deals on www.thebookdepository.com. They offer free worldwide (!!!) shipment too! I've placed an order a few times, and they are really fast.


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