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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Monthly pages in Trinote, Part 2

You may remember my post Monthly pages in Trinote where I tried to figure out various ways to add in a monthly calendar section.  Now I have found the answer.

First of all, many thanks to Laura Reyna who sent me the link to free printable monthly calendars.  Here is the link to the 2011 calendars:


Take a look around their website because they have loads of free printables like weekly household cleaning lists, weekly and monthly calendars for binder organizers of various sizes, and even forms like to do, etc.

I downloaded the 2011 monthly calendars, and I really like the clean layout with the holidays printed on the days. I'm not much of a DIY-er, and my hack scissor-and-tape job doesn't look as nice as someone craftier would make it. But it works for me.

My printer was set to automatically rotate the image and fit the page, but I unchecked that box so that the calendars would be upright on the page. This has two advantages:

1) I don't have to turn my book sideways to use the monthly calendars, and

2) there's plenty of space below the calendar to write that month's goals, reminders, etc.  Win!!

You may be asking yourself, where in my Trinote did I stick these pages?  Because after all, something had to get covered up.

The Trinote's weekly pages begin the week of the end of November/ beginning of December.  Since I'm not going to start my 2011 Trinote until the beginning of January, that gave me 8 pages to stick in monthly calendars.  The last 4 months went in the back of the book over the Pay/ Receive pages that I don't use:
This means January-August are at the beginning of the book, and September-December are at the end of the book.  I did it this way so that none of the information pages or maps were covered. Having the months split in the book is a small price to pay to have monthly calendars (with space for monthly goals) incorporated into my planner.

Alternatively, if I didn't need the writing space under the months, I could have stuck two months per page and had all the months together at the beginning of the planner.

So now I have the glory of having every type of calendar I need in my Trinote:

Year overview to track travel, holidays, school breaks and bills paid (and another one of these for the following year to write in next year's appointments, renewals etc.):
Monthly calendars to see two months at a time overviews and to track monthly goals:
Power-planning weeks with large daily columns, daily notes spaces, and categorized list boxes (click to enlarge):

And the 3 year overview calendars:

I also have my address booklet, which I use like crazy.

All of this in one book with the large page size for plenty of writing space makes me feel like I'm ready for anything!!!

You can get more information about the Quo Vadis Trinote including links to buy it at:


Or if you are in the UK the website is:


I don't know if the UK version of the Trinote is exactly the same as the US version. The UK version does have UK-specific information that the US version does not have, according to their website.


  1. There are also some useful printable calendars and planner pages on www.donnayoung.org (note the "org" not "com"!), particularly if you use half-size (close to A5) pages.

  2. Great job, Laurie! Looks good! Hopefully QV will read your post and make changes.
    Do you know if the Trinote format comes as 'Equology'?
    Sorry if I seem obsessive over the E (or R) word.

  3. I just noticed you could have fit 4 months on two pages - or did you prefer to keep the blank space for notes?

  4. Cool! Glad the calendars helped out. I know what it's like when you can't find a planner that fits your needs exactly. :-)

  5. Christine:

    The Trinote does not come in Equology/ recycled unfortunately. The 2010 planners were the first year for Equology so hopefully they will expand the line in the future.

    And yes, I do need the notes space under each monthly calendar to write my monthly goals and reviews. If I had put 2 months per page I could have put all 12 months in the front of the book. For me it was more important to have monthly goals space than to have the calendars all together.

    Petra thanks for that link, there's all kinds of good stuff on there!

    And Laura, thanks again! Adding monthly calendars has made an enormous difference for me using my Trinote. It just might be my Ultimate Planner now with the addition of monthly calendars with space for monthly goals and notes!!!!

  6. And you get a mention here:


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