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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2011 Moleskine Weekly Vertical tweak

It's not enough of a hack to call it a hack, it's really just a small tweak.  But it could potentially make a big difference for me.

First, some background: you may remember my review awhile back of the 2011 Moleskine weekly vertical planner.  I love that the 2011 Moleskine planners now have monthly calendars with boxes large enough to write in.  I am always on the lookout for a planner with the following properties:

1) Weekly view with days as columns (Moleskine: check).

2) Monthly calendars with boxes large enough to write in (Moleskine: check).

3) Bound book (Moleskine: check).

4) Space for lists, notes, motivational quotes, etc. on the weekly pages (Moleskine... um, well let me just fix that).

Below is my solution, in my 2011 Moleskine Weekly Vertical planner (click on photo to enlarge):
I'll use the top half of the daily columns as my days.  Then below the Gap between 1 and 2 pm (Moleskine, really, I know you've made that space there due to the Sunday arrangement, but you could easily do away with it) I'll use those areas for my lists and notes.  I'll just ignore all the printed time markings top and bottom.

Here is a closeup of where I'll write my Weekly Goals, To Dos, and Phone/ Email lists.  In the space at the very bottom of the week I'll write the Motivational Quote Of The Week. (Click photo to enlarge.)
I like this idea a lot, but the only way I'll know if it will work for me is to actually try it out.  January will be a very planner-experimental month for me!

Will you be conducting any planner experiments in the new year?


  1. My planner experiment will be to try out my new Quo Vadis Prenote planner!

    After hearing about how much you like your Quo Vadis planners and how well it works for you, I went to their site and researched them. I determined best one to try, based on my work, is the Prenote so I took the plunge and purchased it!

    It had arrived in the mail while I was on a business trip this week. Looks like I can start it November 29th - I won't have to wait until 1/1/2011.

  2. My planner experiment will be trying to functionally use a Filofax Pocket size planner, for reals as my 24/7 carry around book, starting in January.

    (My Personal will then theoretically evolve into a "Me" book)

    I have no idea WHY I am doing this, since the Personal size works perfectly for me as an every day planner, and I have inserts that I love as well. Perhaps I just need a new years planner project : )

  3. I already started my planner experiment, by downsizing from A5 to Personal. And I absolutely love it (that all the papers are in a crimson Malden DOES help bigtime, I admit that ... ;-)).
    I also removed the diary pages from my Mini, that is now very happy to only have to hold shopping lists, library return lists and - well - a whole lot of lists in general!

  4. Karensa, I think you will love the Prenote! It has the exact same format of the Trinote (which I love as we all know) but is a little bit bigger for even more space to write! I love that the QV weekly planners start at the end of November so we don't have to wait all the way until January!

    Yv I'll be really curious to see how your Pocket experiment goes! I've followed you as you downsized from page per day A5 to Personal size, now if you manage to squeeze it down further to Pocket it will be a real feat!

    Jotje I agree, a beautiful binder certainly is incentive to work with a different/ smaller format!


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