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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting planners I've never tried

Here are a bunch of planners that people have suggested I try or that I've found myself, but have never gotten around to ordering them up. They all look really good and some of these have incredibly innovative formats.

I've had a bunch of people ask me for planner recommendations lately, and although I can only give advice on planners I've used myself, I thought I'd throw these out there as some possibilities.  Please click through the links to see the products.

Redstar Ink makes a cool-looking planner that comes in calendar year, academic year and undated formats. It's a weekly view with all 7 days as full-size spaces and the 8th space for lists. It also has month per page calendars with the opposite page lined for that month's lists and notes. They also have other calendar products that look really good.

A similar concept is the Bob's Your Uncle 8 Days a Week planner, which has columns for all 7 days and the 8th column for Someday.  It's undated so you can start it any time, and comes in Desk or Mini sizes or as a tear-off pad.  They also have an undated wall planner that shows the entire year at once, and is color-coded to the seasons.

Another planner I've never tried but looks very organized is the A4 Architects and Designers Planner. I'm sorry I forget who recommended this to me, but thank you for the suggestion! I'm still keeping this in mind for 2012. This planner has daily columns and space for notes, and comes in red, black or silver covers.

Rori recently asked me if I've used the BizziMom planner, and the answer is no but I've looked at it online before. It has a brilliant format of huge monthly calendars that fold into a normal size book. This is a great option for anyone who needs a monthly overview with lots of space to write, but still needs to carry the planner in your bag.

Rori, and several other people, have recommended I try a Planner Pad although I've never taken the plunge (and I'm not sure why). Rori did an excellent review of it, click here to see.

Beth asked me recently if I've tried MyAgenda or MomAgenda planners. This is another planner I've looked at several times online but have never made a purchase. These planners have a weekly grid format to help you keep track of multiple people at once (like kids and spouse) or track things like exercise, meal planning, or any other categories you'd like to create.

Here's a planner that looks really great: The Woman's Planner has simultaneous weekly and monthly views that turn independently (similar to the Rabbit planner I reviewed awhile back).  It also has pages to track your budget, appliances, savings goals, wish lists, notes and a pocket to hold papers.  Click the link above and scroll down their page for all the details of the features and to see photos. I'm really tempted to try this one!

Another amazing format is the Laurel Denise planner, which shows weekly pages alongside the monthly view. These planners are currently sold out, but I wonder if she'll make them again for 2012?

Have you tried any of these planners? If so please post a comment and tell us about it!

Do you know of any other 'off the beaten path" planners I haven't mentioned? Please share!


  1. 1. Thank you thank you for the links!

    2. *head slap* Oh man! Now I have a bunch more to think about...

  2. LOL! Rori I thought of you when I was writing this post. Not to tempt you too much, but just to show you some other options if you're frustrated with what you're currently using. It's nice to know there are other options out there, and especially that people are coming up with all these unique and interesting formats!

  3. That RedStar Ink academic has a really interesting weekly lay out. I like it!

    After reading Rori's review of the Planner Pad, I have one on order. Hopefully that will alleviate my work-based planner fail and I can work on refining my personal planner needs. Great links!

  4. I still can't decide what to use for the upcoming academic year. I made my own planner last year--used a composition book and had my hubby design the pages, a week over two pages. I printed off of iCal monthly calendars--printed them on cardstock and glued them down, then put the weekly pages after the months. I filled in the dates for the weekly pages. I liked the system but it got so thick and heavy.

    I've poured over your blog trying to figure out what to get next time. I'm intrigued by the Academic Minister, the Moleskine ones, too.

    I want monthly views with weekly views after each month. I've found some planners like this at Barnes and Noble, but they month squares were too tiny to write anything in them.

    AARGH. I just want a planner that works.

    Thanks for your blog--it really does help me to see what options there are.

  5. Anna, have you ever looked at the Plan-It planners? They have month on 2-pages calendars embedded in the weeks, with week on 2 pages. They are great planners, with pretty covers. Here is my review of the 2010-2011 version:


    I haven't seen their 2011-2012 version on Amazon yet, so I don't know for sure if they will be making them for the upcoming academic year. You can buy the 2011 calendar year ones here:


    (They are on sale for super-low prices so if you tried it and changed your mind later you wouldn't be out much cash!)

  6. I just ordered the Woman's Success Planner from www.TheSuccessChoice.com . I purchased the 3rd quarter (July - September). I think it's pretty neat. Space for your goals, things to think about, monthly calendar, weekly planning, week-on-2-pages in vertical columns, end-of-week review page and lots of note pages.

  7. Wow Amy, I had never heard of the Woman's Sucess Planner before! It's very comprehensive. Somebody really put a lot of thought into it!!

  8. @Amy, Oh wow, that looks so neat! Would love to see a review when you get yours, I think I really like it!

  9. Yesterday I ordered the Woman's Success Planner and I can hardly wait to get it! I ordered the full year (July 2011-June 2012) and the address booklet. Unfortunately my mail takes a long time to get to me, so look for my review in early July! I'm very excited about this planner. Amy, thank you so much for posting it here!

  10. I have the 8 days a week planner. I haven't used it, but I own it. :) Thanks for the link to redstar, I hadn't heard of those.

  11. Have you tried the Erin Condren planner? I use a Moleskine week-on-two-pages and have for many years. The Erin Condren planner appeals to me aesthetically and I love the layout, but I think it's just a little bit too big for me to throw in my purse. So tempting, though.

  12. Gina I had never heard of Erin Condren before so I googled--very cute planner! I like the weekly layout a lot, and that there are monthly calendars and notes pages throughout. I couldn't find the dimensions anyplace, do you know what the measurements are?

    Thanks for the heads-up on this planner!

  13. Sorry I didn't get back sooner! I ended up ordering one. The dimensions are 7" X 9" BUT the spiral binding makes it about 8" wide, and the thickness is about an inch. It weighs in at a whopping 1 lb, 13 oz! The one I ordered is Aug 11-Dec 12. I am trying to figure out if I can make it work (I didn't pay full price, by the way--I got it half-price through Plum District, and used a coupon code for $10 to cover shipping). I think I'll stick with the Moleskine until Dec. I'll remove Aug-Dec from the Erin Condren planner and see if I can get a smaller spiral binding put on at the office store. If it's too cumbersome, I'll use it for work (my work planner lives at the office). Clearly a mixed review!

  14. I feel that I should add the positives. The planner is beautiful. The paper is very high quality (THICK!). The tabbed monthly calendar pages make it easy to navigate through the year. The page layout is great. It would be perfect if it didn't require the assistance of a Sherpa to tote around. Essentially it has the same number of pages as the Moleskine wk-on-2-pages, but even without Aug-Dec 2011, it's 4 times the thickness.

  15. Gina, thank you very much for the info on the Erin Condren planner! It sounds really nice, but it's too bad it's not more portable.


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