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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poppin notebook

I immediately fell in love with this notebook as soon as I opened it! 
Before I get ahead of myself: Poppin (www.poppin.com) is a new brand of office supplies and stationery products that bring much-needed color and fun into the office environment. I won this medium soft-cover Write-Now notebook in a giveaway from Poppin as announced on Notebook Loves Pen.  Many thanks to Poppin for this excellent notebook!

So, as I noted above, it was love at first sight with this notebook.  I love the slightly iridescent pink soft cover with the coordinating gray elastic band. It's so pretty!
This notebook is ruled, with 192 pages and measures 5 by 8 1/4 inches (12.7 x 21 cm).

Inside there is a space to record your contact info in case your notebook is lost, and also a spot to list the title of the notebook.

The placeholder ribbon is gray to match the elastic band, which looks really nice:
I love the way the pages are formatted with more than just the usual lines.  (Click on photos for a larger view.)  The pages have spaces at the top for title, date, subject or anything you like; and spaces at the page edge for checking off tasks, noting a date, writing a follow-up action code, etc.
The notebook lays open all by itself with no fussing

There is a full-size pocket in the back of the book to hold cards, papers, receipts, tickets or any scraps of paper you want to save.

I haven't done an ink test, but Notebook Loves Pen has done an excellent one so click here to see how the paper performs with ink.

At $8, this notebook is significantly cheaper than the equivalent-size Moleskine, and comes in a wide selection of colors including brown, red, white, black, and pink.

Thanks again to Poppin for this excellent notebook! This is a very attractive, classy-looking, fun notebook that has a structured format that encourages organization.

Be sure to check out Poppin's dazzling array of supplies in a rainbow of colors!


  1. i was waiting for them to have it in orange, so it matches all the other wonderful stuff I have from them... but now that you insist...

  2. it is lovely, like a prettier moleskine :-) Alas I cannot purchase anything though for a while!

  3. Very cool, thanks for posting! How does the cover feel? I don't like the feel of Ecojots, those feel really 'plastic-y'.

    I can see how the small or medium size would be great for a two-pages-per-day planner. The left page could be numbered with hours of the day in the margin and the right page could hold notes/to-do's/random thoughts/notable events of the day. Very pretty!

  4. The cover feels lovely, smoother than a Moleskine with very slight texture. Not at all plasticky, rather skin-like and soft.

    And yes, it would make an excellent 2-page per day diary! You could easily write the times down one side and tick off tasks down the other.

  5. Laurie, Laurie, Laurie. sigh. Why must you tempt me so?! Another great looking notebook! I'm doing really well with my FiloFax now that I've separated the work content from it. I hope to do a blog entry soon about my layout and usage!

  6. Thanks for the reply, Laurie!

  7. terriknits LOL!! Sorry to tempt you! But if you are in the mood for a small splurge, this one is definitely worth it! Glad to hear your Filofax is working well for you now, looking forward to seeing your post when it's up!

    Nancy, my pleasure. :)


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