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Friday, July 1, 2011

My mid-year planner winner is

My pocket daily Moleskine planner!  I have used it (far) more this year than any of my other planners. I absolutely adore this little planner!

In February I used this planner as my actual planner, but as usual when I use a day per page book it failed as a planner because I need a week view to effectively plan ahead.

I continued to use it off and on to record random things or as overflow on busy days.
Monthly tabs hack

Then I read about Austin Kleon's logbook and decided to use my daily pocket Mole purely for recording, no forward planning. Ever since I made this switch, it has worked brilliantly!
Every day I write my to-dos and appointments for that day. I like having so much space to map out my day, and writing it out chronologically helps me be realistic about how much I can do in one day.  Some people write their to-dos for today on a separate piece of paper, but this way I have each day's list bound into a book. I check off what gets done, and also record other things I did or other information (like reference numbers for items ordered for example).  The result is an excellent record of what I've done each day.

It lays open absolutely flat, which is so rare for a pocket size daily book. It's easy to write all the way to the middle of the pages with no fuss. I love the size, it's so portable and I love the way it feels in my hands. Huge planner Win! I already have the 2012 version because I plan to use this indefinitely.

Click here to read more about how I use my daily pocket Mole along with my weekly planner.


  1. Oh yay! I think it is so neat when a book gets loved :D

    You know how much I love this "daily log book" idea! Mine is still going strong, and even though I don't care for the Piccadilly notebook (lines are too narrow) I loveses it because it's holding the record of my days. I also put my Gratitude List in it every day--5 things only (as per Jotje I think?)

    Glad it is working so well for you!

  2. Hi, Laurie! This is exactly how I use my Moleskine large cahiers. I use a new one for each month. No forward planning. I draw in each day and write in the hours of the day and the date. I use two pages per day so I have lots of room for notes and journaling tidbits of that day. I'm really enjoying mine and have logged a solid two months. Just started my July book this a.m. Here's a link to some pix of June: http://senseofgravity.blogspot.com/2011/06/dayrunner-monthlyweekly-bound-planner.html (scroll down past the ode to the fuschia planner). For July I'm not going to stamp the pages with the mini "body" chart, I'm tracking that info in a "body" book (large black moleskine plain sketch book (sketch=heavy paper) with a spine Quiver attached!! Yes, I bought a Quiver pen-holder and it's divine!!). I know it's a great sense of relief and appreciation when you find a planner that works!!

  3. "Every day I write my to-dos and appointments for that day. I like having so much space to map out my day" This JUMPED out at me. Revolutionary! I can see how using the log book in conjunction with some sort of planning format would work for me! Food for thought, as always, Laurie!

  4. I too use my Moleskine Daily Dairy as a log book, but mine is the large size.

    I use different coloured inks for different purposes as the pages tend to get a little crowded.

    I draw lines each morning to indicate where each family member is going to be at what time during the day. I use Twitter, for public updates, and Momento (an iPhone app), for private updates during the day then copy these into my diary on an evening together with any of the days photos I print from my Pogo. It has replaced my scrapbooking altogether & I love it (plus it's cheaper). I also write in here details of any money I spend, a note of my weight, any todo's I have and even the days weather, sunrise & sunset times (if I remember)

    Picture here http://www.flickr.com/photos/enola_sneezes/5894815877/

    I love it and I love the fact that it's looking all fat and used with all the photos & tickets I have stuck in there. I have already ordered and received the 2012 diary and I'm seriously considering getting a smaller version too, for daily lists.


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