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Monday, July 25, 2011

WeekDate Wall Calendar

I'm so excited about this calendar! Let me be the first to tell you: you NEED one of these.

Those of you who have read my other posts about WeekDate products know I love the "Only Write It Once" format that allows you to see daily happenings along with weekly and monthly recurring items without having to rewrite anything, ever. This calendar takes planning one step further by allowing the whole family (or alternatively, everyone in the office) to see the entire month at a view, including monthly and weekly recurring items all at once so nothing is ever forgotten, overlooked or double-booked.

Below is the entire calendar open with the monthly recurring section at the top, current month in the middle, and weekly recurring section at the bottom.  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.
In the middle is the main section with the current month. Notice that holidays and moon phases are printed on the day spaces. Each day's square is a generous 1 1/2 by 1 7/8 inches (my measurements). There's also a lined space for Whatever: notes, reminders, etc.  There are also reference calendars at the top of the page for last month and next month.
The days are color-coded to correspond to the recurring monthly section, so you can see which week of the month you're in. This allows you to easily see what events happen on, for example, the first Monday of every month, the second Saturday of each month or the last Friday of the month:

By looking at the color for the current day then glancing up at the corresponding day at the top, you can easily see if there are any monthly recurring events today.

The bottom section of the calendar is the Weekly recurring section where you write your kids' sports and after-school activities, your weekly staff meeting every Tuesday morning, your weekly exercise schedule, rotating dinner menus, and anything else that happens every week or every other week. The weeks in the monthly calendar are numbered so you can note "Garbage pickup even weeks, Recycling odd weeks," for example, and know which to put out today without writing "Garbage" or "Recycling" every week in your calendar.
Each day you look down to the corresponding column in the Weekly Recurring section to see what's on for the day.  So for each day you look up the column to the corresponding color-coded day for monthly, and down the column for weekly recurring events to see everything that happens each day, without rewriting anything ever!

To the left of the monthly calendar is a place to write monthly set days like paydays and bills due, so that these are always visible.

Here is a view of the back of the calendar with details of how the calendar works:

The calendar comes with a magnetic strip along the top and another magnet in the middle of the back, so the calendar can go straight up onto your fridge (where mine lives). It also has a plastic tab with a hole to hang on a nail or thumbtack on your wall or corkboard.

I originally pre-ordered my WeekDate Wall planner from Amazon, but weeks later it was still listed as Pre-Order while it was already shipping from Barnes and Noble. I was very impatient to get it so I canceled my pre-order from Amazon and ordered this calendar from Barnes and Noble. Sorry Amazon!

Click here for the WeekDate Wall planner page to see purchasing options.

This planner goes from August 2011 all the way through December 2012, so it has you covered for the entire school year and upcoming calendar year too.  And I still can't get over the price, less than 15 bucks!  It's more than worth it.

You can see all of WeekDate's products at www.WeekDate.com, including this monthly wall calendar, the weekly planner (which I have reviewed here on Plannerisms), their undated dry-erase WeekDate White (which I have reviewed here) and other products.

I am really looking forward to using this calendar to keep me organized and to simplify my life all year long! I love not having to re-write recurring events over and over on my calendar. I write recurring items in pencil, then if something changes I erase it, just once (without having to erase pages and pages of re-written entries).

Congratulations to WeekDate on another extremely helpful product.  Well done!

Be sure to follow WeekDate on Twitter for time-management tips, and follow them on Facebook too.


  1. I'm not sure if i should hate you or thank you... I found your site completely by accident, after looking at some planners on Borders.com (before I noticed the sale prices didn't apply to online purchases) and I googled some planner because the Borders site didn't include any inside pictures.
    One of the google results brought me here, and then I spent most of Sunday reading back all the way to posts from 2010.
    I also may have purchased a 2011 WeekDate planner and bought a planner from Filofax, both companies I'd never heard of before yesterday.
    So... I say thank you but my wallet is unsure. :)

  2. Jadielady, hahah, I did the same when I found Plannerisms. I read non-stop. Her writing style is entertaining, funny, and simply excellent, and the planners are so interesting to compare. I had no idea there are so many styles out there.
    This weekdate planner seems so appropriate for my boyfriend who commits to much recurrent volunteering and potlucking :)
    Thanks, Laurie!

  3. LOL! Thanks to both of you! Yes I get very enthusiastic about planners and it tends to be infectious! ;D

  4. Laurie, So long as you're not named in any divorce proceeding relative to the cause of a marriage's failure, please keep up the fantastic work!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on goodies that are arriving by special courier, aka the inlaws. ;)

  5. Hey, love your site. Been reading since last year. Your business would grow if you added a "share this on facebook" button and a +1 (google)


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