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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monsieur leather notebook

When I opened this handsome notebook, my husband immediately said, "That's mine."  He's normally a Moleskine man so I was a little surprised when he was so adamant about this notebook! Except not really. I should have known he would nab this one because it is Just. That. Cool.

Monsieur Notebooks (http://monsieurnotebook.com/)  are hand bound in India from a single piece of vegetable-tanned leather.  The leather is thick and soft with natural markings on it and has that great leather smell to it.  I'll show you the other great features of this notebook in a sec but first I want to point out the price of these notebooks: In the UK these are priced at 9.99 pounds for the A6 size, 12.99 for A5 and 21.99 for A4!  Those are spectacular prices for real, handmade leather notebooks!

Here is the back of the notebook where you can see more information on the band.
The cover is flexible without being floppy:

Here is the cover without the packaging. The color and texture of the leather are amazing. There is an elastic closure.

On the back cover you can see the only branding is the logo subtly embossed in the bottom right corner.
Inside the front cover there is a place to write your name and any other information you like such as contact information, contents etc.

Inside the front cover is the brand marking:

The pages are lined with 6 mm ruling (same width as Moleskine ruling). The paper is very light ivory, lighter in color than Moleskine paper.  There is a real ribbon placemarker which is color matched to the cover, a very elegant touch.
The entire look of the book is sophisticated and luxurious. And again I just can't get over the price! You get an amazing notebook for the money.

My husband took this to work with him before I could do any ink tests on it, but you can see how it performs with a variety of inks in these excellent reviews by Ms Logica and Notebooktivity.  The paper in this notebook is 90 gsm, thick and smooth.

Starting this month the Monsieur Notebooks collection will include fountain pen friendly notebooks with 100 gsm paper! The notebooks are available in a variety of sizes and papers, portrait and landscape layouts. The leather covers come in this brown color as well as black, green, pink, turquoise, navy blue and red.  Click here for more information on the selection available.

Monsieur Notebooks are available at PaperNation.co.uk and you can also click here to see more retailers. There are stockists throughout the UK and Ireland, and even in Hungary!

Many thanks to Monsieur Notebooks for sending me this excellent notebook to review. From my impressions and my husband's immediate reaction, I'll say you have a winner here!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Laurie. I haven't seen the lined version, but I'm glad it's a narrow rule. I much prefer that!

  2. "My husband took this to work with him before I could do any ink tests on it,"
    That's my brother-in-law! When he sees what he wants, he goes after it. I'm glad he went after my sister 20 years ago. :) What an adventure you have lived together, and I bet NOW he's glad you're so obsessed with planners and notebooks, while he's carrying around such a stylish product.

  3. Thanks Sis! Yes, you know The Mister. He goes for what he wants!

  4. I wish that they could get one to me! They look absolutely beautiful.


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