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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2012 WeekDate weekly planner

Take a look at this new cover style for the 2012 WeekDate planner! This is the Bohemian cover. I thought it looked extra cool with my swimming pool behind it:
There is a great selection of cover colors and styles available for the 2012 WeekDate planners, click here to see all the cover choices.

Several weeks ago I was desperately trying to order this planner but was having PayPal difficulties. Specifically, my order originating from Indonesia set off PayPal's fraud warning and froze my account! Grr!  I contacted Weekdate to see if there was another way I could order, and Kay very generously offered to send me one as thanks for my previous WeekDate reviews.  Many, many thanks to Kay for sending me this 2012 WeekDate planner, I know you don't normally send samples so I really appreciate this!!

If you have a lot of recurring weekly and/ or monthly events, the WeekDate planner is the one for you. You write your recurring events only once, and they stay visible all the time so you don't have to re-write them every week or month. And if your schedule changes, you erase it once and write in the new schedule. No more flipping week to week changing events!

The WeekDate's recurring schedule system is also wonderful for writing in your routines to keep you on track for exercise, meal planning, FlyLady Zone work, and anything else you need to be reminded to do on a weekly or monthly basis.

Below is the WeekDate planner completely open. The tri-fold format opens out big and folds up small for lots of writing space in a very slim and portable planner.

At the top is the Monthly recurring section, in the middle is the current week, and at the bottom is the Weekly recurring section. When you turn the pages, only the current week is turned so your monthly and weekly recurring items stay visible at all times.  The days of the week are color coded to correspond to the appropriate week on the monthly recurring section so you always know where you are in the month. The back sides of the weekly pages are lined for lists, notes, financial records etc. so this is a week + notes format, with all seven days as full-size columns.

Click here for more information on How It Works.

The first page of the WeekDate planner has a short explanation of how to use it, click on the photo for a larger view:

The back side of the front page has Hints and Tips for using your WeekDate planner:

The inside of the front cover has lines to write your contact info in case your planner is lost:

Inside the cover there is a removable card for frequently used or emergency contacts:

Inside the very back of the planner is a removable card for annually-recurring events like birthdays, anniversaries, insurance renewals etc. that you can use year after year:

The back outside cover has the entire year at a glance:
And the last page of the planner has all of next year at a glance:

Below are some photos of the weekly pages showing examples of what types of holidays and useful reminders are pre-printed on the day spaces. Click on the photos for a larger view.

US public holidays are all indicated (like MLKJ Day):
Other holidays like Valentine's Day are too. (And there at the right of the page you can see the tear-off edge so you flip directly to the current week, and the month tab to find the month you're looking for easily.)
Halloween, and Daylight Savings Time! So you don't forget to set your clocks:

Earth day and Tax Day too:

Here is the planner with the previous weeks' pages folded under the planner, which it does easily:
In my post on ways to use the WeekDate planner (click here to see) I have more details about the color-coding system for the weeks and monthly recurring system,the Monthly Set Days section, weekly reminders, using the planner for FlyLady Zone work etc.

Check out my review of the 2011 WeekDate planner here, with more photos of the inside of the planner and all its features.

You can see all of the WeekDate products at www.weekdate.com.

WeekDate DOES ship internationally, click here to see their shipping rates. When I lived in Scotland I had my WeekDate planner shipped to me there and it arrived quickly and with no problems.

If you want to start the WeekDate system right now you are in serious luck because there are just a few 2011 WeekDate planners left, and they are on sale! Click here to get yours before they are gone so you can start WeekDating right away!

I own several WeekDate products including the Wall calendar (click here for my review), the WeekDate White wipe-off wall planner (click here for my review), and the weekly planners so if you have any questions about the products post a comment and I'll be happy to answer!

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  1. Ok, I know it's called "WeekDate" and not "DayDate", but I sure wish they would come up with a brilliant daily!


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