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Monday, November 28, 2011

Paper poll result: white vs. cream

I'm very surprised by the result of this poll!!

Back when I introduced this poll, I stated my preference for white paper (which still stands).  I've heard of marketing research that indicates, in general, US customers prefer white paper and European customers prefer cream/ ivory paper. Since the majority of my readers are in the US, I expected a majority of voters preferring white paper.

But boy was I wrong!!

Out of 94 votes, only 31 (33%) were for white paper, and 63 (67%) were for cream/ ivory.

No wonder there are so many notebooks available with cream or ivory paper, and good white-paper notebooks are becoming scarce!

What I didn't include in the poll is whether people prefer, for example, ivory paper in their notebooks but white paper in your planner. Do you prefer ivory paper for everything, or only for notebooks? Please pose a comment!


  1. I prefer cream paper because I use a Filofax and the white paper is complete garbage. So, by default, I prefer cream.

  2. I'm currently using the white calendar that came with my Filofax but then I discovered there was cream!! I so prefer the cream for my Filofax. It's just easier on the eyes and seems warmer and happier. However, I love bright white paper for notebooks (like the older Quo Vadis Habanas). Sigh. I wish they never changed to ivory paper!

  3. Good white paper is my preference, hands down. Having said that, I will take a good cream over a crap white. At least file cards are still white (and heavy).

    If they start making cheap cream paper for copiers and printers, I will just have to give up. While copier bond is not great for serious writing, it does have its uses.

    I am such a purist that I don't even like eggshell. I guess I just need high contrast . . .

  4. I prefer ivory/cream whatever people are calling it. It is easier on the eyes and I once had a prof at uni tell me that she saved my papers until last because of this. (I did very well, very well indeed, in her class) However, I'm a little concerned that some of the papers seem to be getting darker and kinda yellow. And I don't want to think about those planners that are on what looks like kraft paper.

  5. Between the two shades you asked about, I prefer white but it doesn't have to be the brightest shade.
    Generally, I prefer white because I like using colours (drawing) in my planner but I'm happy with grayish paper if this means that the paper has not been bleached by any means (and/or recycled).

  6. good question. I do prefer cream in my planners now, but could do white or cream in journals. I prefer all note paper to be white, especially when using with the cream planner. The yellow post-its on cream paper look is not really appealing to me.

  7. I usually prefer white for both my planner and my journals. I find it frustrating that quality white papers are sometimes difficult to find.

  8. I really like the ivory and the cream paper. The cream paper is easier on the eye and I like to draw mock-ups and ideas on that. Ivory, though, is better for using colours. When I print forms myself I tend to use white paper (because that is what my workplace has... *slight blush*) but in general I find it to be too hard on my eyes.

  9. I prefer cream/ivory as well. White seems very harsh on the eyes sometimes. I've even bought a ream of cream colored 20lb copier paper to write on.

    I bought a little black notebook (Markings brand) today and it has the cream paper in it.

  10. I don't mind ivory/cream for my notebooks or planners but I prefer bright white paper for my sketchbooks for sure.

  11. I believe that if its personal color is ok, so gray, cream, ivory, or any other color is perfectly fine. However, I believe that for business actions and corespondents that White should be the only color... unless its to accentuate the document (yellow for memos) or if it itself is a color for the company itself(green lawn-mowers, baby blue's for personnel services, and so forth).

    Like my planner, which is for business even if its not for a business is always white.

    just my 2 cents!


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