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Monday, November 21, 2011

My day per page planner collection

I love day per page planners. Even though I've tried and failed several times over the past couple of years to use one as my main planner, I still love them for recording daily details that otherwise wouldn't get captured.

Here is my collection of day per page planners that I have used in some way or another over the years.

Below are close-ups of these planners. Click on the links for the backstories!

Here are my Exacompta Daily Pocket planners. I used the green one for awhile in 2001 while I was traveling from Nepal to Paris and then around Scotland (my first trip there).  It was great to travel with because it took up practically no space in my bag and weighs next to nothing. 
The blue one on the right is the one I used in 2009. It's great because it really is small enough to keep in my pocket so I was able to jot down things before I forgot when I was out on the playground, chasing my toddlers around the house, or anywhere.

Below are my pocket size daily Moleskine planners. I let my kids decorate them for me.  The one on the left is from 2006 but I didn't use it much because I didn't like it nearly as much as the one I used in 2005, but couldn't get another of the same kind for that year.
In 2010 I switched from the Exacompta Daily Pocket to the Moleskine daily pocket for the hard cover and elastic strap.  I've been using this year's pretty consistently, and already have next year's version ready to go (far right).

My A6 day per page planners. I love this size. The brown faux suede one on the left is the planner I used the year my daughter was born. It's one of the only planners I've ever used every day for the entire year. In it I recorded all the events of my daughter's first year, and our move to Moscow. It lives in a fireproof box.
The black one next to it is the exact same type and brand of planner that I used for awhile in 2009. The lilac one is my Letts Principal diary, and the red one is from Russia.

My Textagendas. I have a special place in my heart for Textagenda planners!  The one on the left is the one I used in Nepal, the purple one is from France, and the pink one is from the UK.
Below are my Cavallini leather day per page planner and my DIARYYYYYY TWOOOOO THOOOOUUUSAAAAAAND:
My A5 day per page planners. On the left is the Exacompta Journal 21. The other two are from Albania, and I used them while I was living there.
 My large daily Moleskine planners that I use as journals:

I like using different sizes of day per page planners for different purposes. A5's are my favorite for using as journals but I find them too big/ heavy to carry everywhere with me as planners. I love the size of the Textagenda for lots of writing space in a portable book. A6 is probably my favorite size for a daily book because of the shape and size. It's big enough to capture details but small enough to go everywhere, even in my hand around the house. Pocket size planners are great for keeping in my pocket on those really scattered days when I need to write things down before I forget.

Do you use a day per page planner? What size do you prefer?


  1. Loved this post! I used a 3.5" x 5" as a daily journal a few years back. Too small. Now my time is so limited--a daily writing session feels impossible!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I was taking a break from a particularly frustrating file and saw ... DIARY TWOOOO THOUUUUSAAAAAND! ;-)

  3. I love the page a day format, but I really want something spiral bound - any suggestions? :) THANKS!

  4. Hi nicoleness, what's available depends on where you are.
    In the US the Quo Vadis Textagenda (academic-year daily) is available in a spiral bound version (see cover choices at right, bottom 2 are spiral bound):


    In the UK, Collins has a mid-year spiral bound day per page diary:


    Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Laurie - thanks for your help! The challenge is that while the textagenda does appear to have a spiral bound version, no one seems to sell it! I'll stay on the hunt. I did try the textagenda last year, but couldn't stick with it because it had a sewn binding. I'm sure as we get closer to school-supply season, they'll be easier to find!

  6. Yes the 2012-2013 Textagendas are not available yet but they should be soon. Of course that doesn't help you in the meantime--the Textagenda doesn't start until August.

    I don't know what Staples carries, but I wonder if they will have something suitable?

  7. I've found a couple that amazon has that I might try.




    I've never heard of either brand before, but it's slim pickins. As you said, it is planner drought season. I'll keep you posted if either pans out.

    By the way, I love your blog A LOT. I usually buy at least 5-7 planners a year, so I completely 100% relate. If I get one of these on amazon, this will be number 4 for this year already!! :)

  8. @Laurie - which daily planner WITHOUT timed pages can you recommend?

    1. Jacqueline there are several brands that have untimed daily pages but it can take some searching for them. Letts and Collins both have some daily planners without times but I don't know the names off the top of my head, you can search on their websites.

      One untimed daily that I really like is the recycled leather one from Undercover UK. There are tons of cover colors to choose from. You can see photos of mine here:


      Something else to consider is a daily planner with times, but the times are small and easy to ignore. This is the case with all the Moleskine daily planners.

      Another option is the Quo Vadis Textagenda (academic year) or same-format Notor (Jan-Dec). They both have a format with the times at the top of the page so they are out of the way and the rest of the page is open for notes. The big advantages of the Textagenda/ Notor are the size (12 by 17 cm, perfect size in my opinion) and especially that super-smooth Quo Vadis paper. You can see photos of it here:


      I hope this helps! :)

  9. I saw your Undercover and Quo Vadis - I like them both! The Undercover's color/s are yummy :-) But, Quo Vadis timed and untimed one page is also inviting. Ahhh, decisions decisions. Will send both an email, hopefully they mail internationally.

  10. Quo Vadis UK ships worldwide:



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