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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brush Dance 2012 A Fearless Woman Date Book

I loved my 2013 A Fearless Woman date book so much, I searched online for the 2012 version to buy so I could start using it right away.  To my disappointment, they seemed to be sold out everywhere. (No big surprise that this excellent and gorgeous planner would be sold out!)

So I contacted Brush Dance directly to ask if they had any left in stock that I could buy. They said they did, and to show their appreciation for my reviews of the 2013 A Fearless Woman Date Book and 2013 Mindful Living pocket calendar, they would be happy to send me a complimentary one! Huge thanks to Brush Dance!!

Like the 2013 version, the 2012 A Fearless Woman Date Book has a pocket at the front, and tabbed months with beautiful images and uplifting quotes on each month's divider page:

The weekly pages begin exactly at the beginning of the month, with notes space before the first day, and end at the last day of the month with more space for notes after the last day.
There is a week per page:

Holidays for the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are printed on the day spaces in the monthly and weekly pages. Also printed are moon phases, reminders for Daylight Savings and British Summer Time, and major religious holidays. Each month has info like birthstones and themes like Celebrate Diversity Month.
After each month before the next month's tabs there are several pages for notes:
At the back there is a tabbed section for Addresses:

The book is A5 size with a hard cover and elastic strap closure.

Something I didn't note in my review of the 2013 A Fearless Woman Date Book is how excellent the paper is! It takes liquid inks like Sharpie pens and Sakura Microns with no feathering or bleed through at all.

Many thanks again to Brush Dance for this gorgeous planner!

Brush Dance Date Books, Pocket Calendars, Wall Calendars, cards and more are available at BrushDance.com, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.


  1. Laurie, you are such an enabler, LOL. I couldn't resist giving these another look and am getting very tempted.

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Laurie. We're love hearing how pleased you are!

  3. Oh that is lovely Laurie - really my kind of book. Oh I wish they still had 2012.


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