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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Parents, do your kids use planners?

Recently on Philofaxy some parents posted comments about whether their children love planners as much as they do, if they are interested but not huge planner fans, or if their children are not at all interested in using planners.

My kids are too young to actually use planners yet, but they love to write in my old planners and notebooks. I wonder if they will use planners when they get older.

Parents, do your kids use planners? Do you try to get your kids to use planners, or do you figure they'll use them when they are ready?


  1. I did post this on twitter but the number of characters confined me.Bothmy children have used schol planners.After seeing my A5 Identity. My eldest has expressed a wish for a personal size filofax for her gap year and for when she starts university,which confused my husband no end because she is so techno savvy, which so many teens are. My other daughter will probably go down the same route because they both like to write things down

  2. Both my boys (4 & 7) like my Filofaxes and both comandeered one each from my stash, but still being fairly young neither of them actually use them for planning. The youngest one does sleep with his next to his bed every night and often sits in his bed drawing pictures in it before going to sleep.

    Now that the older one is starting school next week (they don't start school over here until 7 years old) he may need some sort of homework timetable, so he might be tempted to use his for that :-)

  3. Starting from age 10, kids in our school are obliged to use a planner (with a weekly spread), to learn to get into a planning habit for the homework.
    My oldest daughter bought one of those fancy dancy spiral bound planners for the start of Middle School. My 9 year old daughter is a year ahead of the game and started using a Personal Domino as her school diary this year. Addicted!
    My 8 year old uses a pocket Filofax for logbooking and rough planning (like counting down the days until event X), nothing too seriously though.
    My nearly 6 year old son thinks planners are weird. As are people who are into writing and doodling. Totally weird, those people are ...
    (well, he might come around eventually ...?)


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