Sunday, September 16, 2012

A moment of silence please

This weekend I had to throw away a planner. And not just any planner: it was The One That Started It All

It got absolutely destroyed in the move. Our boxes endured extreme heat in transit while being on a ship in the tropics. We were warned, but dang. The vinyl of the cover absolutely melted and disintegrated. It was a sticky mess. I took out the pages that still had some meaning to me, and the rest of it went into the trash.  You can imagine my grief!

So, a moment of silence please for the demise of the planner that started me on my life's journey to Planner Nirvana.

Goodbye old friend! Thanks for everything.


  1. Flags at half mast... burial or cremation? Send no flowers... 21 gun salute. Our thoughts are with you on this sad day...

    I think I've been to too many funerals!


    1. LOL thanks Steve for your condolences! Burial. Cremation would have resulted in a molten pile of vinyl messiness.

    2. And I think I hear Taps playing in the background...

  2. I wonder whats the ettiquette of how Long do you have to wait to buy a replacement? do the other filofaxes you own have to wear black armbands?

  3. No!!! My heart goes out to you :o(

  4. Sorry for your loss! I am also hearing taps and a 21 gun salute!!!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Luckily no. This is the Cambridge one I bought in Alaska.

  6. Deepest sympathy but at least you still have the memories and the pictures. Hugs!


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